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Boca Raton. Just the name congers images of sun, sand, and surf, yeah? If you’re a homeowner here, though, you understand the importance of being prepared for our polar opposite of sunny days—as in those that may arrive during hurricane season. When a hurricane heads our direction, we want all the protection that we can muster! Installing replacement windows in your home actually strengthens its structural integrity.

It’s a proven fact that once your windows go, your home is at grave risk of sustaining catastrophic damage. Just the thought of the extreme winds ripping through your home tearing things to smithereens or worse yet, tossing your family about like rag dolls, chills us to the core. Impact windows guard against the force of the wind and the debris it carries with it.

Defy destruction with our construction

We understand the importance of providing for your family’s safety and well-being 365/24/7. Whether you are in your home when a hurricane strikes or chose to evacuate, you can rest assured that your home’s more likely to survive the storm when you’ve installed impact windows.

As a matter of fact, we don’t make any other type of window. We use tempered glass to construct our windows. Not only is it somewhat stronger than ordinary glass, the molecular structure of the glass actually changes while undergoing the rapid heating and cooling process. Tempered glass breaks differently than ordinary glass. Instead of shattering, it crumbles into small, rounded pellets. They’re far less likely to cause injury.

Under ordinary circumstances, anyway. High winds and tiny pellets still equal damage done, though. We’ve got that figured out. The glass panes adhere to either side of a sheet of high-tech polymer. The polymer absorbs the impact when anything strikes the glass and also holds the window together.

Lastly, even our vinyl frames increase the strength of your window unit. We use a heat-weld process that actually melds the windows. Reece Windows & Doors aren’t going to come apart.

We prove it

Reece Windows & Doors consistently pass the FBC (Florida Building Code) tests that rank windows for hurricane resistance. Impact resistance testing includes both large and small missile tests. The large missile test involves firing a 9 pound 2×4 from a cannon. The 2×4 slams into the window end on. If the window remains intact, it earns the right to have steel ball bearings fired simultaneously at it from said cannon. They hit the window after being hurled with a force that covers a distance of an astonishing 80 feet per second. They aren’t getting through Reece Windows & Doors. After successfully completing the missile tests, windows are tested for wind and rain resistance before earning their rating.

Earning their keep

Thankfully, there are a lot more hurricane-free days during the season than not. In fact, we can make it through the entire year without one threatening landfall. Impact windows offer homeowners year-round benefits further increasing their value.

Seeing the savings

Your replacement windows will make your home more energy-efficient. Especially if you live in an older home, airflow and the transfer of heat and cold through glass accounts for a huge portion of energy loss. Even if you’ve upgraded your windows if it’s been over 10 years, they may not be performing as well as they once did. Moreover, advances in technology have made windows more energy-efficient than ever before. Reece Windows & Doors carry an EnergyStar rating. You’re going to increase your comfort level and decrease your monthly energy costs.

Break-in barricade

If our windows hold fast when impacted with debris hurled at them by a hurricane, an intruder isn’t getting through either. Your family will be less likely to ever find yourselves victims of a break-in. Your windows stand guard against the threat of intruders day and night.

Built-in sunblock

Once we install your new replacement windows, they protect your home’s interior against sun fade—forever. Impact windows block over 90% of the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Noisy neighborhood?

There’s nothing worse than finally carving out a morning specifically for sleeping in only to find your neighbor chose the same day to start work on his new deck. Ugh. Impact windows actually reduce the level of noise that enters your home from the outside. The distinct sound of power tools traveling through the air will be muffled or perhaps entirely eliminated allowing you to grab a few extra hours of sleep.

Insured savings

When you add hurricane protection to your home, your homeowner’s insurance may go down. Many insurance companies offer discounts for installing additional storm protection. For that matter, home security may earn you a discount too. Our windows provide both. Check with your representative to see if you qualify.

Why choose Reece?

Reece Builders / Windows has been committed to providing its customers with high-quality windows and doors since 1972. Michael Reece, Sr. founded the company and it’s continued to grow ever since. Randy Reece operates the business now, but other than keeping up with the latest technology or checking out a new installation technique, he’s kept his dad’s business plan in place.

Reece not only builds your new windows, but we also install them. Rather than hiring outside contractors to handle your installation, we send our crew out. By training our installers in-house, we complete each job according to our high standards. Because when you build windows to last a lifetime, the installation has to hold up as well. In fact, we include your installation in our double lifetime guarantee. If you’re considering replacement windows, we hope you’ll consider Reece. Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you have about the process. And, if you’re having trouble fitting the expense of replacement windows in your budget, we have payment plans available.

From the moment we meet, we’ll impress you with the fact that we know your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We appreciate our customers and make sure they know it. It’s thanks to them that we’ve become one of the leading window and door manufacturers in Boca Raton and the surrounding area.


Can I install my replacement windows?

Even though we build your windows specifically for your home, it’s essential that they are installed correctly to protect you against problems with moisture or mechanical failure in the future. Moreover, we include installation in our double lifetime guarantee, you won’t want to void that!

Can I just leave the key for you?

No, thanks. An adult that lives in the home needs to be present during installation. We have to be inside your home so feel it’s best if you are too.

What can I do before you arrive?

We appreciate your asking that question! It will be a big help if you clear the work areas by pushing any furniture off to the side, remove your window treatments and any alarm sensors, and remove any wall decor that could jostle loose from vibrations passing through the wall.

Will you arrive on time?

Absolutely! We appreciate your business and the least we can do is show up on time!

See you soon!

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