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Have You Signed Up for the My Safe Florida Home Program?

Living in Florida certainly has its perks, from its virtually year-round tropical climate to its clear water and white-sand beaches. However, residents of the Sunshine State must also deal with their fair share of drawbacks, such as hurricanes. Heavy rainfall and strong winds brought on by this weather event can leave a home in shambles, requiring costly repairs. Fortunately, Florida homeowners don’t have to navigate such stressful situations alone; they can better prepare for hurricanes with the My Safe Florida Home Program.

What Is the My Safe Florida Home Program?

Enacted by the Florida Legislature, the My Safe Florida Home Program was created to help single-family homeowners protect their homes against hurricanes while saving money in the process. This grant is available to owners of any site-built, single-family residential property and is rather straightforward to take advantage of. First, apply for and receive a Complete Home Hurricane Inspection. This is a no-cost, no-obligation wind-mitigation inspection that will be conducted by a licensed inspector to evaluate your home’s ability to protect against a hurricane. At the conclusion of the inspection, you’ll receive a detailed report assessing the strength of your home along with recommendations to enhance that strength. After the results of your inspection have been uploaded to the My Safe Florida Home system, you’ll receive an email notifying you to submit your grant application, if you choose.

What Are the Benefits of Signing Up for the My Safe Florida Home Program?

In addition to better preparing your home for hurricane season, you’ll enjoy a number of incentives when you sign up for the My Safe Florida Home Program. First and foremost, you may be eligible to apply for $2 in state grant money* for every $1 you spend on eligible home improvements. Home-strengthening improvements that qualify for the grant include enhancements to your home’s:

Roof & Structure

These are upgrades such as:

  • Reinforcing roof-to-wall connections
  • Installing secondary water connection for your roof
  • Upgrading your roof covering
  • Improving the strength of roof deck attachments


These include upgrades to all:

Additionally, retail purchases of impact-resistant doors, impact-resistant garage doors, and impact-resistant windows made through this program now through June 30, 2024, will not incur a 6% state sales tax. What’s more, participating in the program can potentially lower your home insurance premiums.

Schedule Your Free Home Hurricane Inspection

Reece Windows & Doors is proud to be a participating contractor of the My Safe Florida Home Program. As such, we’ll be happy to assist you in completing any qualifying enhancements to your home and better protect your loved ones during a hurricane. To learn about the impact-resistant products we can install for you, get in touch with us today. For more information on this program, visit the My Safe Florida Home website. Four million homes qualify and only 12,000 grants are available, so act now before the funds are gone!

*Grant is for a maximum of $10,000 and the home must be located in a designated wind-borne region

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