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Energy-Efficient Windows Help Florida Homeowners Beat the Heat—and Save Some Money

You know exactly what it’s like to walk outside in the middle of summer in Florida. It takes just a few minutes for the humidity to cover you like an invisible blanket, leaving you sweating and more easily exhausted shortly afterward. Going back inside to enjoy the sweet sensation of an air-conditioned home feels amazing. But do you know what else is having a rough time handling that intense summer heat? That’s right—it’s your HVAC system.Florida beach home

Rising home temperatures brought on by intense summer sunlight force your HVAC to work extra hard to keep you cool. And when your HVAC is straining, your bank account is draining. That’s where energy-efficient windows can help. When your home’s windows are designed to control heat transfer, it becomes much easier to regulate the indoor temperature and bring those cooling costs back down to Earth. Reece Windows & Doors can help you there. We proudly install industry-leading Conservation Windows products on homes around the Sunshine State because they don’t just meet the ENERGY STAR® standard—they beat it.

How Energy-Saving Windows Work

Whenever you’re looking for energy-efficient windows, you’ll likely see the term “heat transfer” when a manufacturer or installation company is describing their product. What does that mean? It’s actually not too complicated. The short answer is, heat transfer is the movement of internal or external heat through a window’s glass. In the summer, the problem is created by excess outdoor heat making its way inside a home and raising temperatures. In the winter, the problem is a home’s indoor heat escaping outside through the glass, forcing homeowners to run their home heating systems more often.

Energy-efficient windows use multiple panes of low-emissivity (Low-E) glass, which has a coating that blocks UV and infrared rays while letting visible light pass through—which is a huge help for Florida homes, as those two rays generate the heat that creeps into your home. They also often contain insulated glass units and frames, spacers to keep the panes apart and argon gas fills between panes to block the movement of warm air.

Conservation’s Energy-Efficient Windows

Conservation Windows promotes the use of energy-efficient windows as a way to help homeowners save on their heating or cooling costs while also helping the environment. That’s why Conservation has designed windows that beat ENERGY STAR guidelines for every state in the country. Their windows:

  • Have a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.27, which is considerably lower than that of normal Low-E glass windows (0.72). SHGC is a way to measure the amount of solar radiation that becomes heat upon entering a building
  • Block 95% of the sun’s UV rays, thanks to Conservation’s own Low-E glass coating
  • Have a dual-glazed insulated glass unit with three layers of silver, argon gas fills, and a stainless steel Endur Spacer system that has the lowest failure rate in the industry (0.20% after 20 years past production and 0.5% after 50 years)

A Window Company You Can Count On

With Reece Windows & Doors, you can count on your energy-efficient windows getting installed properly by our highly-trained in-house team. And when we’re done, you can count on both our double lifetime warranty and our offer of free service for life to protect your new replacement windows. Contact us today to schedule your in-home consultation and get a free estimate.

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