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We average 241 sunny days a year in Apollo Beach and we’ll take every one of them! It’s easy to see why those of us who live here, stay! A responsible homeowner keeps up with maintenance to ensure that their home remains safe and sound. Did you know installing replacement windows will increase its strength? That brings an added measure of importance when you live on the coast because chances are one of the non-sunny days could send a hurricane our way.

Impact windows provide your family with added protection during hurricane season that will pay off ten-fold if you ever find yourself weathering a storm at home. In fact, many Floridians upgrade to impact windows for the safety feature alone.

It’s no secret that once your windows go, your home is at a far greater risk of suffering catastrophic damage. The winds rush in full force sending glass and debris flying through your home as they search for escape. The pressure rises as the winds rush to the attic and force their way out of your home through every tiny crack. When it’s combined with the pressure created from the storm pummeling your home from the outside, your roof could separate from your home entirely.

Built to beat the storm

Hurricane Andrew’s wide path of destruction through the state of Florida put the need to focus on building homes better prepared to face the onslaught of such a powerful storm. Window manufacturers stepped up to the challenge and today impact or hurricane windows are required in the FBC (Florida Building Code). Windows must meet or exceed the FBCs testing standards to earn an approval rating.

Why Reece Windows & Doors?

We believe in the added storm protection that impact windows provide for your home and family. In fact, they’re the only type of windows we make.

We’re a family-owned business established back in 1972. Although Randy Reece runs the company now, he hasn’t strayed far from his dad’s original business plan. Michel Reece, Sr. started Reece Builders / Windows, Inc. with one goal in mind. He intended to provide his customers with high-quality windows and doors meant to last a lifetime.

It’s a sound business plan.

We’ve been building and installing our products for nearly 50 years. We believe that by training our installers in-house that your installation will be completed meeting our high standards. We’ve become one of the leading window and door companies in the area. Of course, we thank our customers for that but we aren’t shy about letting you know that we build the best windows and we build yours just for you!

Custom built to battle the storm

Your new windows will look like they were made to be in your home because they are! Reece Windows & Doors custom builds your replacement windows specifically to meet your needs.

We use tempered glass because it’s a bit stronger than normal glass panes. Moreover, the rapid heating and cooling process used to create tempered glass actually changes the molecular make-up causing it to break differently. Rather than shattering into dangerous shards sent flying by hurricane-force winds, the glass breaks into tiny rounded pellets.

That’s great, say if a baseball hits your window or a toy hurled across the room smashes into the glass, but even rounded pellets can cause injury when propelled by high winds.

We take care of that too.

We sandwich a sheet of high-tech polymer between the glass panels. The polymer sheet takes the impact of storm-tossed debris—and anything else that may strike your window on one of our 241 bright sunny days—without giving way. The glass may crack, even spiderweb, but it will not fly apart.

Our frames hold together too

We use vinyl to frame your new windows because it’s long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free. A quick wash now and then keeps your windows looking like new for years to come.

Moreover, we use a heat welding process to construct our frames. This process melds the sides of the frame together forming one solid piece. That means your frames aren’t coming apart either.

Time tested

Reece Windows & Doors consistently pass the FBC rigorous tests to earn a hurricane window rating. We’re proud of that fact. The tests include firing a 9 lb 2×4 and steel ball bearings at the window from a cannon!

That’s before they’re tested for wind and rain resistance, oh by the way.

In fact, we’re so certain of our success in providing our customers with windows and doors that are built to last a lifetime, that we provide a double lifetime guarantee. When it comes time to sell your home someday down the road, having the ability to transfer your lifetime guarantee to the new owner is a very attractive selling feature.

Added benefits of window replacement

Impact windows provide homeowners with a variety of benefits in addition to added storm protection.

  • Break-in protection—Thieves will think twice about entering your home when their attempt to smash the window is met with immediate resistance.
  • Energy efficiency—Homeowners report seeing up to 30% reductions in their utility bills after installing impact windows.
  • UV protection—Reece replacement windows offer excellent protection from the sun’s damaging ultra violet rays.
  • Noise reduction—The value of noise reduction isn’t always appreciated until the homeowner experiences the difference for themselves! It brings an entirely different meaning to the phrase “a quiet evening at home.”

We hit the nail on the head

We mentioned before that we appreciate our customers; it’s because they contribute greatly to our success. They share the “Reece experience” with their family and friends. When friends and family are ready for new windows, they’re likely to choose Reece.

We’re sure that if they do, they’ll be sharing with family and friends as well.


It’s our employees.

We appreciate them too and don’t hesitate to make them aware of that fact!

In turn, our employees are always ready to go the extra mile and that’s where you come in. We know that without our customers we don’t have a business. Therefore, you can be sure that every Reece employee that you come into contact with will treat you with courtesy and respect. Furthermore, every smile you see—there will be many of them—will be genuine.

It makes us happy to make you happy.

If you’re thinking about replacement windows, get in touch. From the moment we meet for your free consultation, you’ll see what we mean.


What will Reece replacement windows cost?

Of course, that’s going to depend on a few things, such as the style of window you choose, the number of windows you’re replacing, and even the number of stories in your house. We’ll get everything figured out during your consultation.

Will you arrive on time?

Yes! We understand your time is valuable. The least we can do is arrive on time! If the weather turns out to be an issue, we’ll let you know as soon as we do!

Will someone need to be at home?

Yes. We require that an adult family member is at home during the installation process. We’ll need to be inside your home and feel it’s best that you are too.

What do I do before you get there?

We appreciate you asking! Please clear any furniture from the work areas so the installers have an open path. Don’t empty the room! Just push your furniture over to the side and take down any window treatments, alarm sensors, and wall decor that might get jostled.

We’ll see you soon!

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