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He’s determined to play for the Clearwater Threshers one of these days; until then he seems to be aiming his homers directly toward window replacement. Thank heavens it hasn’t been the neighbor’s window replacement… Yet. Even if you don’t have a ballplayer in the family, there are many reasons to consider window replacement.

The climate in Clearwater is incredible, once you adapt to the humidity, anyway. Our homes, however, never adapt and the wet, muggy conditions are prime opportunities for mold and wood rot to set in. These problems grow worse over time if left untreated.

And, we don’t mean to ignore the hurricane elephant in the room. It’s a given if you live in Clearwater that it can happen anytime during the season. The question is if it’s a mild or a wild season this year. If it’s time to replace your windows due to damage, age, or to beef up the house before next season, Reece Windows & Doors are worthy of taking a look.

Why choose Reece?

We do windows. Reece Builders / Windows, Inc. was founded by Michael Reece, Sr. in 1972. His son, Randy, runs the business these days. He is following the path his father mapped out because it works. For nearly 50 years, building quality, impact resistant windows and doors has been the only focus of this company, in the manufacturing department, anyway.

We also worked hard to put a new spin on the phrase “family business.” Treating employees as part of the family is part of the Reece vision. When employees are a part of the big picture, they excel at what they do. Their happiness and love of their jobs show. The ripple effect of this mindset reaches our customers, who in turn feel welcomed into our ever-growing family.

When our customers realize that our main focus truly is their satisfaction, they can’t keep this nugget of information to themselves. They share the news with friends and family, and the Reece Builders cycle continues. We have become a leader in the window and door replacement industry in Clearwater and the surrounding areas.

Why your windows?

Every window we manufacture contains two sheets of tempered glass that adhere to either side of a high-tech polymer sheet. It makes our windows shatterproof. They may crack if hit hard, but even if the impact spiderwebs the glass every direction, they will not fly apart.

We’ve had them tested for impact resistance. Let’s say you have a 2×4 hurled by hurricane-force winds over a distance of 50 feet per second and it smashed into the glass. The glass is not going anywhere. Now, that’s protection!

Beautiful meets brawn

No matter your reason for replacing your windows, we are confident that you will agree that they will beautify your home instantly! They may add property value, too. Other assets include:

  • Impact proofed protection – The hurricane season brings intense winds and rain, reinforce your home with added protection for your family. These windows also afford protection from would-be intruders who try to force their way into your home.
  • Energy efficiency – The high-tech polymer sheet doesn’t just act as a reinforcement. It is a buffer keeping the cold air inside and the hot air outside. Our windows meet or exceed Energy Star guidelines.
  • Noise reduction – Our windows keep noise outside, too. Go ahead and squeeze in that little nap, even if there’s a jackhammer nearby.
  • UV protection – Let there be light and UV protection! Our windows protect your furniture, window treatments, carpet and décor from fading.


Are your windows affordable?

Yes. We build and install your windows adhering to our strict company standards. They provide your family with added protection. You are installing Energy Star rated windows so you will benefit in reducing your cooling costs. You are protecting your home’s interior from the harsh rays of the sun. All things considered, our windows are very affordable.

Can I install my replacement windows myself? I kept the dimensions exactly the same.

We don’t recommend that someone without experience install windows. It is a dangerous job. Our installers are experts at what they do. Besides, the installation is a part of our Lifetime guarantee. We’ll take care of the work. You just sit back and enjoy the view.

Are your windows installed from the inside or outside?

Our installers will need access to both the inside and outside of your home.

Will someone need to be there?

Yes. An adult will need to be at your home during the installation process. That’s just good business sense on both parts. It’s good to have someone available to answer any questions that may arise. We realize your time is important to you and we strive to follow through and complete the job in the amount of time we allotted for it. One more thing, we appreciate you for choosing us for your window replacement, we will not leave you waiting around hoping we’ll show. We arrive when we say we will arrive. No exceptions.

What do I do to prepare for installation day?

If you could make a path to the work area that is free of any furniture, our installers will greatly appreciate it! Also, please, remove any window dressings, security sensors, and wall décor.

Are you going to leave a mess?

No, we won’t. Our installation crew will leave everything just as they found it. We take any debris, including the old windows, with us when we go. It is disposed of properly.

Do you provide a guarantee for the window and the installation job?

Yes. Our Lifetime Guarantee is for both the window itself and the installation process. We know that improperly installed windows are a large contributor to the window becoming damaged in the future. An improperly installed moisture barrier, for instance, can let water seep into places it should not. It causes mold and wood rot. Our installers make sure everything is done with precision alleviating the worry of complications later.

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For a limited time, we're offering free installation on our hurricane windows. You'll be able to upgrade your home with sturdy windows that can handle anything Mother Nature throws their way—without breaking the bank. Now, that's an offer you can't refuse!

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