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Homeowners in Deerfield Beach understand the importance of taking precautions during hurricane season. It’s just a part of life when you live on the Florida coastline. If you haven’t done so already, installing replacement windows rated for hurricane resistance is something to consider before next season arrives.

If the wind gains access to your home through broken or blown-out windows, it’s likely to sustain catastrophic damage. Impact windows actually strengthen the structural integrity of your home because they won’t fly apart when struck with storm-tossed debris.

Many Florida homeowners choose to install replacement windows for the added storm protection alone. There’s a lot to say for the peace of mind that accompanies the fact that you’ve taken a huge step toward ensuring your family is as safe as they can possibly be if ever you’re caught riding out the storm at home.

We understand that because we have families too. In fact, impact windows are the only type of windows that we make.

Destruction? Not with our construction

We build Reece Windows & Doors using tempered glass. It’s a little stronger than ordinary glass, but the amazing thing about tempered glass is that the molecular make-up of glass changes during the rapid heating and cooling process. It causes the glass to crumble into tiny rounded pellets rather than shattering into dangerous flying shards and razor-sharp slivers.

However, even pellets pack a serious punch if they have the force of a hurricane behind them. Reece Windows & Doors hold together because we place a sheet of high-tech polymer between the window panes. The glass adheres to the polymer which holds it in place even if debris hits the window repeatedly.

Moreover, our vinyl window frames are constructed to hold together no matter what. We use a heat-welding process that actually melds the frame pieces into one solid piece further increasing the strength of the window unit.

Reece Windows & Doors undergo the FBCs (Florida Building Code) rigorous tests to be classified as hurricane resistant. Tests include both the large and small missile tests to assure they will survive the impact of storm-tossed debris. Then after successfully completing those tests, the windows are tested for wind and rain resistance. Impact windows offer homeowners year-round benefits in addition to the peace of mind they bring during hurricane season.

Pulling double duty

Your replacement windows stand at the ready 24/7 to guard against break-ins. Burglars consider a window to be an easy point of access to your home. They may even risk setting off an alarm if they see a sensor on the window. Banking on a slow police response giving them time to be in, out, and long gone before they arrive. They may set off the alarm and be long gone before the police arrive, but they’re not breaking through the window.

Effecting your comfort zone

Reece Windows & Doors are extremely energy efficient. In addition to the polymer sheet acting as an insulator that blocks the transfer of heat and cold through the glass, our vinyl frames create an added seal of protection against airflow. Your comfort level is going up and your utility bill is going down. That’s certainly a win-win, don’t you agree?

Don’t forget the sunblock

You don’t have to wrestle with the decision whether or not to apply tint to your new windows. Our crystal clear windows block over 90% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Go ahead and flood your home with that beautiful Florida sunshine whenever you want! You’re never going to have to worry about faded furniture or carpets.

Noisy neighborhood?

Not everyone realizes that impact windows do an excellent job of reducing or possibly eliminating outside noise. We become desensitized to our surroundings over time. That said, many homeowners don’t realize the added benefit of noise reduction until they experience the amazingness for themselves.

Insured savings

Many insurance companies offer Floridians a discount on their homeowners’ insurance for upgrading their hurricane protection or installing added home security. Reece Windows & Doors qualify on both counts! Check with your insurance representative to see if your company offers deductions and to find out the specific qualifications.

Why choose Reece?

Reece Builders / Windows has provided Florida homeowners with high-quality windows and doors for nearly 50 years. Randy Reece oversees the business these days. It was his father, Michael Reece, Sr., who founded the company in 1972. Other than keeping up with the latest technological advances in the industry, Randy hasn’t strayed far from his dad’s original business plan.

At Reece Windows & Doors, we still strive to provide our customers with windows and doors constructed with the best materials and built to last a lifetime. We back-up that statement by providing our customers with a double lifetime guarantee. That means that when the time comes to put your home on the market you can transfer your guarantee to the new homeowner—no matter how much time has passed.

Exceptional service

We include installation in that guarantee. Reece installers train in-house to ensure that we install your replacement windows to meet our high standards. When everyone’s on the same page from the start, things are more likely to turn out well in the end.

We also stress the importance of satisfying you, the customer, because, quite frankly, we wouldn’t have a company if it weren’t for you. Reece employees are willing to go the extra every day. From the moment we meet, every smile you see will be genuine. Our consultation is free so contact us and we’ll gladly answer any questions you have. Our customer service team can even assist you in choosing your new windows if requested.

We appreciate our customers even more for sharing their Reece experience with others. New customers often tell us that they learned about our company from someone. We really love that. In fact, word of mouth advertising is one of the reasons that we’ve become one of the leading window and door manufacturers in Miami and throughout the state. If you’re considering replacement windows, consider Reece for the job. You won’t regret it.


Will someone need to be home?

Yes, we ask that an adult who lives in the home be present during installation.

Are impact windows expensive?

Replacement windows are one of the larger home maintenance projects that homeowners take on. Subsequently, though, when you consider all the benefits that impact windows provide, they are a worthy investment indeed.

What should I do before you get there?

If you could move any furniture to a different area of the room, remove any window treatments and alarm sensors, and take down any hanging decor that may be jostled off the wall due to vibrations.

Thanks for asking! We’ll see you soon.

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