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Hernando Beach is the epitome of small-town life here in Florida. With a population of less than 2,500, we’re big enough to have some 7-Elevens sprinkled throughout town and, then, there’s the Circle K besides. When it’s time to hit the grocery store or a department store, Spring Hill’s just a four-mile drive. The fact that we don’t actually live on the coast is a slight drawback, but, hey, this is still a great place to raise a family. And, maintaining our homes become top priority from the moment we purchase them. Has window replacement hit your to-do list yet?

Reasons to replace

There are several reasons that homeowners decide it’s time to replace the windows. Living in Florida, of course, hurricane protection tops the list for many. All new construction requires installing hurricane windows. Older homeowners are wise to install them too.

Reece’s impact windows are pretty amazing.

Rated to withstand wind speeds up to 140 mph, the latest technology has made them extremely resistant to impact no matter what the storm’s picked up.

There’s no doubt that your family will be safer in the event of your weathering out the storm at home. If you’re not, your much more likely to have a home to return to when it’s over.

Break-ins happen

But, they’re far less likely to happen to you after you’ve completed your window replacement! Thieves consider windows to be an easy point of entry.

Let’em take a swing at our windows!

They aren’t likely to stick around to try again. However, if the resistance triggers something and they feel compelled to succeed, we hope they get caught red-handed and are still pounding away when the police arrive.

Because, our windows aren’t budging.

Energy efficient

Our windows do an excellent job of reducing your energy costs. As a matter of fact, homeowners that have replaced their windows with impact windows see a savings of up to 30% and possibly more!

Both our windows and our vinyl frames contribute to your energy reduction. They work together blocking the cool air from escaping your home and the heat from entering through them on the outside.

You’ll see savings in your monthly utility costs for sure.

Noise reduction

Many don’t appreciate this added benefit until they experience it for themselves. We become desensitized to our surroundings over time.

You may not realize how much outside noise filtered into your home until it doesn’t any longer!

UV protection

Our windows protect your family and your stuff! They block the damaging UV rays that cause sun fade. Open your drapes and blinds to let the glorious Florida sunshine in!

Making our windows

We build your windows when you order them. Then, we send our own crews to install them for you. That way, we’re certain that you receive high-quality windows installed to last you for a lifetime. Actually, we mean the lifetime of your home because you can transfer your guarantee to the new homeowner someday when it comes time to sell.

That’s going to be an attractive selling point, yeah?

We believe in the added protection that impact windows bring to your home and family. That’s why it’s the only kind we make.

We use tempered glass for the panes and adhere it to a sheet of high-tech polymer. Tempered glass crumbles into rounded pellets when it breaks eliminating the risk of shards flying everywhere. However, we realize that’s not going to solve the hurricane problem. Pellets striking with the force of a hurricane behind them are going to do some damage no matter what they hit.

Reece Windows & Doors remain intact even if they shatter.

The polymer holds them in place no matter what. Top that with a frame that’s heat welded to form one solid piece of vinyl and you’ll have to agree that Reece Windows & Doors are about as indestructible as windows can get.

They’re tested to meet the Florida Building Codes’s stringent regulations to prove it.

The Reece experience

We’re a family-owned company that’s been servicing Tampa and the surrounding area for nearly 50 years. Michael Reece, Sr. started Reece Builders / Windows in 1972 with one goal in mind.

He intended to provide his customers with superior quality windows and doors that were built to last a lifetime. To insure that his customers’ new windows were installed to equal their unlimited life expectancy, he trained his crew to do the job meeting his high standards. He didn’t hesitate to let his employees know the value that they bring to Reece.

He discovered that by doing so, he was inadvertently treating his customers to an exceptional customer service experience. Every Reece employee they came into contact with received the superstar treatment.

That hasn’t changed.

Randy Reece took over running his father’s company, but other than keeping up with the latest technology in the industry, everything’s the same.

We still make it a point to let our employees know how much they mean to us. We still train our crews in-house to handle your window replacement too. Randy, like his dad before him, understands the value of handling the entire job in-house. If everyone’s on the same page from start to finish, the odds of an excellent income are hard to beat.

That’s true for our customer service staff as well. We make sure they know Reece products inside and out. They can assist you in making your final decision if asked and can answer any questions you have about our windows and the installation process.

If you’re having trouble fitting the expense into your budget, we’ll work with you to come up with a payment plan.

We understand the importance of knowing your family is as safe as they can be no matter where you are. Your home shouldn’t be a concern in any way.

We’ll get your windows covered.

You can check them off the list.


Will a Reece window replacement save me money on my homeowners’ insurance?

Possibly. Many insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners that improve their hurricane protection. Our windows certainly qualify. Contact your agent to see if they offer reduced premiums.

Does someone need to be home?

Yes. We have to be inside your home so we feel it’s best if you are too. We ask that an adult family member be home during the installation process.

What should I do before you arrive?

It will be great if you can clear a path to the work areas. Push the furniture to the side, remove any window treatments, alarm sensors, and wall decor that may be jostled off the wall due to vibrations.

Thanks for asking! We’ll see you soon!

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By submitting, you authorize Reece Windows to reach out to you with questions about your project, via phone, email, or text. Message/data rates apply. Consent is not a condition of purchase. You may unsubscribe at any time. Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy