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Homeowners in Hialeah realize the importance of keeping hurricane protection on the home improvement list. New construction in this area requires installing hurricane resistant materials from the get-go. Miami-Dade County officials created stricter building codes after the destruction Andrew left behind. If your home is older, though, you should consider window replacement. Impact windows increase the level of protection you provide for your home—your family.

Of course, if an evacuation order is put in place for your area, we’re sure you’ll follow it. It’s just not worth the risk of weathering the storm at home when predictions of landfall call for evacuating for safety’s sake. However, we all know these storms can change in an instant. What if you planned to hunker down at home and things go from bad to worse?

When your windows go, it allows the full force of the storm entry into your home. The wind and rain rush in wreaking havoc and putting everyone in the home at risk of being hit by flying debris. As if that thought isn’t terrifying enough, the wind immediately rushes upward looking for a route of escape. Once it reaches the attic, it forces its way into every tiny crack pushing it’s way out. Meanwhile, the wind continues to blow into your home causing pressure to rise as it struggles to force it’s way out again.

This coupled with the storm beating against your home from the outside could cause the roof to separate from the outside walls entirely causing catastrophic damage.

Standing strong

We build our windows to stand up against the impact of storm-tossed debris. They truly increase the structural integrity of your home. In fact, we’re so certain of it, it’s the only type of windows that we make.  These windows are constructed to absorb impact. Yes, they may crack. The glass might even spiderweb but our windows aren’t coming apart.

Reece Windows & Doors are manufactured using tempered glass. Tempered glass is about four times stronger than ordinary glass. However, that in itself doesn’t hold much weight in the face of a hurricane. During the process of tempering the glass, the rapid heating and cooling process actually changes the molecular structure. This causes the glass to break differently. Instead of jagged shards and splinters, it crumbles into rounded pellets greatly reducing the chance of injury.

To hold the glass in place, we sandwich a sheet of high tech polymer between the panes of glass. The polymer takes the brunt of the hit without allowing debris to smash its way into your home.

Furthermore, we use a heat welding process to construct our vinyl frames. It melds the pieces of the frame together forming one solid piece. The process does the same for our frames as the polymer does for our windows.

They’re not coming apart.

Passing the test

Reece Windows & Doors undergo the FBC’s strict hurricane resistant testing process to earn their rating. Testing includes withstanding impact as well as wind and rain resistance.

  • Conducting the large missile test involves firing a 6 foot 2×4 weighing 9 pounds from a cannon aimed directly at the window. It hits end on at speeds causing it to travel 50 feet per second. If the window sustains the impact, it continues the testing process.
  • Steel ball bearings blast from the cannon with a speed that hurls them 130 feet per second. They smash into the glass full force.
  • Lastly, our windows are tested for wind and rain resistance.

The window unit is rated for hurricane protection depending on how well it survived the tests.

Impactful in more ways than one

In addition to the peace of mind you feel during hurricane season, impact windows provide you with year-round benefits.

Break-in resistance

Intruders consider your windows to be the easiest point of entry into your home.

They’ll change their tune after an attempt to smash the glass is thwarted. Our windows aren’t giving in.

Energy efficiency

The polymer sheet plays a part in making your home more energy-efficient. Homeowners have reported seeing as much as a 30% reduction in their energy costs after completing window replacement. Of course, there are other factors that play a part but your comfort level is sure to increase and you’ll see a savings in your monthly bill to boot.

UV protection

Impact windows reduce the invasion of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays by more than 90%. That means you’ll never have to worry about sun fade.

Noise levels decrease

We become accustomed to the sounds around us. Homeowners might not actually realize the value of this fringe benefit until experiencing it for themselves!

Impact windows reduce—and may even eliminate—outside noise.

Added savings

Many insurance providers offer Floridians premium discounts when they install added hurricane protection or home security features. Check with your agent to see if you’ll qualify.

Why choose Reece?

Reece Builders / Windows, Inc. has been providing our customers with high-quality windows and doors since 1972. Randy Reece runs the company these days but he’s adhering to his father’s original business plan.

From the beginning, Mike Reece, Sr. built Reece Windows & Doors intending for them to last a lifetime. He also realized the importance that proper installation played in the end result.

So, we don’t just build your windows, we install them too.

We train our installers in-house to ensure that your new windows go in meeting our strict standards of installation.

Furthermore, we train our customer service teams too. They know our products inside and out. They’ll answer all your questions and can even guide you in the selection process at your request.

If it’s the cost of the window replacement that’s holding you back, we offer financing options. You’re sure to find a plan that fits your budget.

Moreover, we provide our customers with a double lifetime guarantee. That’s right. When it comes time to put your home on the market one day, you can transfer your guarantee to the new homeowner!

If you’re considering window replacement, we hope you’ll consider Reece. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal from the moment we meet. Our teams are courteous and respectful. The smiles you see—and there are a lot of them—are genuine.

We’re happy you chose us!

Moreover, we’ve found our customers are our best source of advertisement! When they share the story of the Reece experience, their family and friends remember us when they’re ready for new windows or doors.

We appreciate that!

It’s a large part of why we’ve become one of the leading window and door manufacturers in Hialeah and the surrounding area.

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