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Hurricane Andrew passed directly through Homestead in 1992. It didn’t leave much behind. Sadly, that was the case for many Floridians that day. It’s the reason that Miami Dade pushed for stricter building codes. Furthermore, it’s why scientists invented replacement windows.

Hurricane windows can’t guarantee your house is left standing if directly in the path of a Category 5 hurricane—but, frankly, what can? Thankfully, though, hurricanes of that magnitude are few and far between.

However, instead of focusing on what they can’t do, let’s focus on the list of benefits they provide.

Why they’re so tough

Impact windows resist flying apart when impacted with the force of high winds. Moreover, they don’t shatter to pieces when storm debris of all shapes and sizes slam against them.

They’re manufactured using tempered glass because it breaks differently than ordinary glass. Instead of sending shards and slivers of glass flying in all directions, the tempered glass more or less crumbles into tiny rounded pellets. It greatly reduces the risk of serious injury.

However, tiny rounded pellets propelled with the force of a hurricane are another issue entirely.

Impact windows solve that problem too.

Manufacturers insert materials between the glass to absorb impact—we use a sheet of high-tech polymer, here, at Reece. Furthermore, the polymer adheres to the tempered glass holding it in place if cracked by debris.

Lastly, the vinyl frames that surround our windows play a part in increasing your safety value as well. We heat weld our frames together. The process melds the separate pieces of the frame into one solid unit so they won’t come to pieces.

Earning the rating

The Florida Building Code (FBC) adopted Miami-Dade’s new building regulations. They’re the strictest building codes in the entire nation.

Inspectors put impact windows through a series of stringent tests to earn a hurricane resistant rating.

  • Large missile test—A six-foot 2×4 weighing about nine pounds is fired from a cannon. The force propels it 50′ per second and it slams into the window end on.
  • Small missile test—This test uses steel ball bearings. They’re fired from a cannon simultaneously covering a distance of 80′ per second before slamming into the glass.
  • Rain and wind resistance—If the window unit survives the missile tests intact, it’s sent on for testing likened to the force of the winds and rain of a hurricane.

Reece Windows & Doors consistently pass the tests.

Year-round benefits

Having replacement windows installed certainly provides peace of mind during the hurricane season. Did you realize they have year-round benefits too?

  • Break-in protection—Burglars consider windows easy access. Impact windows guard against your family falling victim to someone breaking into your home.
  • Energy-efficient—You’ll definitely notice an increased comfort level in your home and it won’t accompany higher utility costs because you’ve turned down the thermostat. Your a/c is going to kick on less often during those sultry summer days.
  • UV blocker—The sun’s ultra-violet rays put our furniture, carpet, and other possessions at risk of fading. Impact windows block over 90% of them keeping everything looking as intended.
  • Noise reduction—Installing replacement windows greatly reduces—or possibly eliminates—outside noise. We become conditioned to the sites and sounds around us. That said, you might not fully comprehend the magnitude of this benefit until you experience it for yourself!
  • Lower insurance premiums—Floridians pay the highest rates for homeowners’ insurance in the U.S. Many insurance companies offer discounts in rates when adding storm protection to your home. Contact your representative to see if you qualify.

Why Reece Windows & Doors?

We’ve already mentioned that we have impact windows—they’re the only type of windows we make. Reece Builders / Windows is a second-generation family-owned business established in 1972 by Michael Reece, Sr.

His goal was to provide his customers with high-quality windows and doors meant to last a lifetime. Part of his plan included a commitment to customer service. In other words, his plan was to always treat customers the way he liked to be treated.

His son, Randy, runs the business now. Other than keeping up with the latest trends in the industry, he’s stuck with his father’s rule of thumb.

Reece customers can expect to receive nothing but the best from our initial contact throughout the installation process. We’ll even check back in a week or so after the job’s complete to make sure you’re happy with the outcome.

We realize the value the customers bring to our business. As in—without you, there’s not one.

Our dedicated commitment to service shows. Reece customers spread the word and when their friends and family need windows and doors, they remember us!

We believe word of mouth reference is the best advertising method. Thanks to our customers, we’ve become one of the leading manufacturers of doors and windows in the area.

If you’re considering replacement windows, we hope you’ll consider Reece.

You won’t regret it.


Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, in fact, we provide our customers with a Double Lifetime Guarantee. We’re serious about providing you with a product that lasts a lifetime. You can transfer your guarantee to the new homeowner someday when it comes time to put it on the market.

Do you arrive on time?

Unless we’ve let you know that something has caused a delay—usually the weather—you can expect us to arrive on time. We realize your time is valuable and appreciate you for sharing some of it with us. The least we can do is be there when we’ve said we’ll be.

Are Reece Windows & Doors expensive?

Replacement windows are one of the more costly areas of home maintenance. However, when you consider all the benefits that our windows provide, it’s a worthy investment.

The actual cost of your windows depends on the style and number of windows that you’re replacing. Some homeowners replace a set number at a time rather than taking on the full expense of the job all at once.

What should I do before you arrive?

It would be a big help if you remove all window treatments and alarm sensors from the windows. Also, you can push the furniture to an area of the room away from the windows. Lastly, it’s a good idea to remove anything mounted to the wall to keep things from falling due to vibrations traveling through the wall.

Thanks for asking! We’ll see you soon.

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