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Tucked between the Gulf of Mexico and Old Tampa Bay, Largo is a beautiful place to live. Even so, you’ve probably had cause to realize that all the salt in the air causes problems with corrosion. We often picture metal corrosion when the topic comes up. However, if your windows are contained in wooden frames, you need to keep an eye on them. If not, you may be looking at window replacement sooner than you expected.

As a matter of fact, it’s suggested that you clean the salt accumulation from the outside of your home as many as three times a year. Most homeowners have trouble remembering to work that into their schedule.

We know how that goes. Life is a busy thing!

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We don’t miss the mark

It has been our intent to provide homeowners with windows and doors that last a lifetime since the company began in 1972. Our commitment to providing a product of superior quality coupled with exceptional customer service has paid off. Reece Builders / Windows is one of the leading window and door companies in the Tampa Bay area.

Michael Reece, Sr. began the company. His son, Randy, runs the business now, however, he hasn’t strayed far from his father’s initial business plan. It’s a method that’s tried and true.

We treat our employees like family.

Because our employees are vested in Reece, they strive to please our customers from start to finish. It begins with the consultation. We answer any questions, help you determine the right windows for your budget, and schedule an installation date that works for you.

When that day comes, we arrive on time, expertly install your new windows, and make sure your home looks the way it did when we found it inside and out before we leave. About a week later, our customer service team contacts you to make sure everything looks good and is functioning properly.

If you’re considering window replacement, we’d love to talk to you. When you see all we have to offer, odds are you won’t look any further.

We’re certain of it.

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What makes Reece Windows & Doors so tough?

Window manufacturers first conceived the thought of impact windows, also known as hurricane windows, when Florida sought to revise its building codes after the catastrophic damage left behind by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Stricter building codes requiring hurricane resistant building products replaced the more lenient ones.

Reece embraced the concept wholeheartedly.

Our impact windows sandwich a sheet of high-tech polymer between two (or more) panes of tempered glass. The result is a highly energy-efficient window that is resistant to the driving force of a hurricane.

We put our windows through a series of tests that meet the stringent Florida building codes. These tests include the large and small missile tests as well as tests that liken to the wind and storm-driven rain produced by a hurricane. The glass may crack, even spiderweb, but it doesn’t fly apart.

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Damaged goods

Salt corrosion isn’t the only element that affects the exterior of your windows. Sun, rain, and wind also play a part. Once damage to caulking occurs, for instance, moisture is able to begin working its way beneath it. It’s a slow process, but once it finds an entry point, it continues to work its way further and further seeking access to the interior of your home.

As if that’s not enough, left unchecked, mold and wood rot eventually set in causing even more damage. And, the damage isn’t only to your home. Over time, mold exposure can cause serious health complications.

It’s important to keep your windows in good condition.

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Home improvement

Planning a home renovation is a great reason to consider new windows. A change in style adds a whole new look to your home both inside and out.

It’s exciting to think about re-doing the look of your home. Hang on to that thought! Sometimes things get a little dicey in the interim, but when it’s all said and done, you will be thrilled with the result!

Moreover, if your home is older, window replacement is a wise choice. It increases the energy efficiency of your home. Older windows let air from your house escape and, working in reverse, it lets the outside air inside.

Window replacement reduces energy costs. Our windows meet or exceed Energy Star requirements. They carry the mark that proves it.

Noise reduction

Replacement windows muffle or alleviate outside noise altogether. This leaves you to relax and appreciate the sound of silence. On the other hand, if you love to turn up the volume on your music, your neighbors may appreciate your new windows as much as you do!

Safety features

Living on the coastline, we have to be prepared for hurricanes. Replacing your windows with Reece Windows & Doors strengthens your home’s hurricane resistance. It won’t be invincible, but it greatly increases the odds that your home will survive the storm.

Moreover, it’s important to note that window replacement reduces your risk of a home invasion. Because our replacement windows are impact resistant, an intruder is less likely to gain entry. They won’t be hanging around when their plan was just smashed to smithereens instead of your window.

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How much are new windows going to cost?

That depends on the number of windows you’re replacing and the style you choose. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate so you’ll know what to expect.

Can I leave my teenager there during the installation?

They can certainly be there, but we’ll need an adult there as well. If a question arises, you can provide us the answer so we can get right back to work. Also, we’ll be inside your home so it’s best to have a homeowner present. That’s company policy.

Can I install my windows myself?

We’d rather you didn’t. Window installation can be dangerous. Our crew is trained using our safety first technique. They’re experts in the field. Besides, if we don’t install the windows, we can’t guarantee a job well done. That will void our lifetime warranty.

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Lifetime Guarantee Never Pay for Warranty Service
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By submitting, you authorize Reece Windows to reach out to you with questions about your project, via phone, email, or text. Message/data rates apply. Consent is not a condition of purchase. You may unsubscribe at any time. Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy