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She’s really hoping by the time she finishes college girls will be playing on professional ball teams. She’s determined to play for the Marlins one day. Hey, a lot can happen in a decade so you’re living the dream with her. She’s been honing her skills on the Lutz Xtreme teams since she was seven. You really should nix the backyard pitching practice with the bestie though. They’ve taken out two windows this summer! You’d hate to have to do it. Maybe window replacement is an option instead.

Replacing your windows with our high impact windows is a great idea. However, we’d also suggest playing catch standing parallel with the house.

Whether or not you’ve got a daughter that lives and breathes softball, our impact windows are something you should consider. They take a beating and we guarantee they don’t fly apart.

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Who we are

Reece Builders / Windows was established in 1972 by Michael Reece, Sr. His goal was to provide his customers with high-quality windows and doors that last a lifetime. In addition, he instilled the importance and value of letting them know that he appreciated their business. His son, Randy Reece, grew up in the business and now runs the company. He hasn’t deviated from his father’s original business plan because it works!

Reece Builders is one of the leading window and door companies in Tampa Bay and the surrounding area.

At Reece, we realize the value of our staff too. As a matter of fact, we want them to feel like part of our family. Employees who love their jobs are wonderful representatives of the business. They strive to go the extra mile every single day. They realize the importance of providing exceptional customer service and they run with it.

When our customers realize that their complete satisfaction truly is our top priority from the initial consultation through the time we load up the tools and head out, they can’t help but share the news with family and friends.

All of our staff are trained and operate in-house. If you call us, you talk to us and not an outsourced team. We manufacture our windows, help customers decide which style best fits their budget, and send our own team of installers.

All of our installers are highly trained to expertly install your new windows. all the while treating you with the respect and courtesy you deserve.

We appreciate your business and we want you to know it!

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Windows that last forever

We keep up with the newest technology and utilize it. Our impact windows are made with tempered glass that is adhered to either side of a sheet of high-tech polymer, The polymer allows you a crystal clear view and measurably increases the strength of your windows!

We manufacture our impact windows according to the FBC’s (Florida Building Code) strict regulations. They undergo testing to prove they are worthy of earning Florida’s hurricane-proof rating.

Tests that include shooting a nine-pound 2×4 out of a cannon aimed directly at the glass, oh by the way. The second test involves steel ball bearings hurled simultaneously at the window at a speed that covers 80 feet per second! When the unit remains intact, they move on to testing that likens withstanding hurricane-force winds and storm-driven rain.

The glass may crack but it remains intact. In fact, the entire window unit must remain intact right down to the glazing.

Seriously. We back that up with our own Lifetime Guarantee.

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But, wait, there’s more

Window replacement doesn’t just give you added protection from hurricanes and softballs! Our windows offer you even more value.

  • Protection against would-be intruders is a very appealing feature. If an intruder’s attempt to smash your window is met with a sound thud rather than the crash of glass, odds are they’ll not be sticking around to give it another go.
  • Energy efficiency makes Reece Windows & Doors a green product. Our windows earn an Energy Star rating. They essentially start paying for themselves the moment they are installed because you are going to save money on your utility bills each and every month.
  • Noise reduction affords you the value of truly relaxing no matter what’s going on outside.
  • UV protection is a plus for sure. No more fretting about faded furniture or carpets. Take advantage of living in the Sunshine State!
  • A lower insurance premium is something else to think about. Many companies offer lower rates when you install hurricane resistant windows.

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What should I do before you arrive?

If you could remove your window dressings and any alarm sensors we’d appreciate it. Also, moving any furniture from the window area allows our crew to come in and get right to work. Thanks for asking!

Can I do this job myself? I love a good DIY project!

To be honest, we’d rather you didn’t. It’s a dangerous job. Moreover, window installation requires precision. If not installed properly the windows may not open and close correctly. You could also be opening yourself up to future problems with water damage if the moisture barrier doesn’t get installed just right. Lastly, We include the installation in our Lifetime Guarantee. You don’t want to void that!

How long is the wait?

After you’ve found the perfect style, we’ll work with you to choose an installation date that works for you.

Are Reece Windows & Doors installed from the inside or outside?

To ensure your window replacement is done correctly and has maximum energy efficiency, it needs to be insulated, anchored, and sealed to protect the window from the elements. We’ll need access to both the outside and inside of your home. Because we’ll be inside your home, we feel it’s best for you or another adult member of the family to be there. It’s company policy.

Are you going to leave a mess behind?

Absolutely not. After your window replacement is complete, we leave your home as we found it both inside and out, with the exception of your fabulous new windows, of course.

What happens to my old windows?

We dispose of your old windows and any other debris at the landfill.

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Lifetime Guarantee Never Pay for Warranty Service
Financing Options Available

By submitting, you authorize Reece Windows to reach out to you with questions about your project, via phone, email, or text. Message/data rates apply. Consent is not a condition of purchase. You may unsubscribe at any time. Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy