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The subtropical climate here, in Miami, allows for lots of days to bask in the sun. In fact, we average 237 a year. However, it can play havoc with anything left exposed to our salty ocean air and the relentless UV-ray exposure—that includes our windows. Whether you notice damage to your windows or it’s just time for an upgrade, Reece replacement windows don’t fall prey to salt erosion due to our vinyl frames.

Even though salt doesn’t damage vinyl frames, it collects on them. It collects on everything, doesn’t it? Unlike wood frames that require constant upkeep to ward off damage, a quick wash is all our vinyl frames need to keep them looking like new for years to come.

Windows that last a lifetime

At Reece, we believe in the added protection that impact windows provide in the event of a hurricane. In fact, they’re the only type of windows that we make.

We use tempered glass, which is a bit stronger than ordinary glass. But, the real benefit of using tempered glass is that it breaks differently than ordinary glass. Rather than shattering to pieces sending pointed shards of glass flying through the air, tempered glass sort of crumbles into tiny, rounded pellets. This greatly reduces the chance of injury during normal circumstances but being pounded by pellets striking with the force of a hurricane behind them is a different story.

We’ve got the fix for that.

We sandwich a sheet of high-tech polymer between the panes of glass. It absorbs the impact when debris strikes the window all the while holding the glass in place. Your windows may crack but they’re not coming apart.

Furthermore, our vinyl frames are constructed using a heat-weld method. This process literally melds the sides of the frame together forming one complete piece. It makes them virtually indestructible, thereby, further increasing the strength of your window.

Reece Windows & Doors consistently pass the FBC (Florida Building Code) test sequence to earn a hurricane resistant rating.

More than storm protection

Impact windows provide you with other benefits in addition to strengthening the structural integrity of your home. They’re a beauty to behold, of course, and you can purchase them in any style or size.

As a matter of fact, we’ll mention here that we custom build your windows to meet your exact specifications. There’s no forced fit or figuring a way to fill that extra smidgen of space with our windows. Those tiny areas leave room for airflow and moisture to find their way through.

Energy efficient

They’re extremely energy efficient, in fact, some homeowners report seeing as much as a 30% reduction in their energy usage, granted that’s not the case for everyone because other factors play a part. However, you’re sure to experience a higher level of comfort and see a reduction in your monthly bill besides.

Break-in resistance

Another benefit of replacement windows is that they’ll decrease the chance that you’ll ever become the victim of a break-in. Intruders consider a home’s windows to be the easiest point of entry. They’ll change their tune in a hurry when their attempt to shatter the glass is stopped short because your window doesn’t give way upon impact.

UV protection

You won’t have to debate on whether or not to tint your replacement windows because impact windows block over 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. You can open your window treatments all day, every day and never worry about sun fade.

Noise reduction

Impact windows act as a buffer between you and what’s going on outside. They reduce or even eliminate outside noise. Many homeowners don’t realize the value of that statement until they experience it for themselves!

 Insurance discounts

Many insurance companies offer Floridian homeowners reductions in their insurance premiums when adding storm protection or home security systems. Our windows provide you with both! Check with your agent to find out if they offer discounts and what qualifications you need to meet.

Who we are

Reece Builders / Windows has been in business since 1972—that’s nearly 50 years now! Michael Reece, Sr. founded the company with the intention of providing his customers with high-quality windows and doors built to last a lifetime.

He succeeded.

His son, Randy, oversees the business now, but other than keeping up with the newest technological breakthroughs in the industry, he hasn’t changed a thing. Reece still operates with Michael Reece’s original plan in mind.

In fact, we stand behind our claim that we build windows and doors that last by providing our customers with a double lifetime guarantee.

That’s right.

When it comes time to sell your home one day—no matter how much time passes—you can transfer your guarantee to the new homeowner. That’s got to be an attractive selling point, don’t you agree?

We include installation in that guarantee. We train our installers in-house so we’re assured that your replacement windows are installed to meet our high standards.

Furthermore, from the moment we meet, every Reece employee will treat you with the utmost courtesy and respect. Our employees realize that without you, we don’t have a business and they strive to go over and above every single day to make sure our customers realize how much we appreciate them.

We’ve found that our customers can’t help but spread the news about both our amazing windows and our exceptional customer service. New customers often tell us that they’ve heard about us from someone else.

We love that!

In fact, we’re sure that’s how we became one of the leading window and door manufacturers in Miami and the surrounding area.

If you’re considering window replacement, we hope you’ll consider Reece.

We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.


Will you arrive when you say you will?

Of course! We appreciate your business. The very least we can do is arrive on time.

Is the consultation free?

Yes, it is. We want to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our product before we talk business. There’s plenty of time to hammer down the details if you decide to go with us.

Do I need to be home?

We ask that an adult that lives in the home be on the premises during the installation. We have to be inside your home so feel it’s best that you are too.

What should I do before you arrive?

We appreciate your willingness to help! It will be great if you could push all the furniture away from the work areas, remove your window treatments and alarm sensors, and take down any wall decor that could jostle free due to vibrations in the wall.

We’ll see you soon!

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Lifetime Guarantee Never Pay for Warranty Service
Financing Options Available
By submitting, you authorize Reece Windows to reach out to you with questions about your project, via phone, email, or text. Message/data rates apply. Consent is not a condition of purchase. You may unsubscribe at any time. Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy