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If you’re looking for the small-town feeling, you’re in the right place! With a population just over 16,000, New Port Richey is largely a residential community. Our surroundings blend nature and beaches with our rich cultural heritage. Not to mention, we’re just 30 miles away from Tampa! Odds are if you own a home here, it’s not going on the market any time soon. Whether or not you’re looking to sell, investing in home maintenance is a wise decision. Sooner or later, window replacement is going to make the list.

Routine maintenance goes a long way in extending the life of your windows. Making sure that the caulk is in good condition is the number one task. Its job is to prevent moisture and air from finding their way into your home. However, even if you do an excellent job with upkeep, there comes a time when window replacement will make the “list of things to do.”

Of course, there are many reasons to replace the windows in your home. While age or damage to the window unit may be the reason most homeowners decide to make window replacement a priority, around here storm protection rates pretty high too.

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How’s that?

Replacing the windows in your home with impact resistant windows strengthens the structural integrity of your home. If you live anywhere near the coast, you understand the importance of that statement. We never know what hurricane season will bring and a “better safe than sorry” attitude could make a big difference one day.

Here, at Reece, we manufacture all our windows to meet the FBCs (Florida Building Code) regulations for hurricane resistance. To earn a hurricane resistant rating, windows undergo rigorous testing that includes the large and small missile tests.

Large missile test

A 6 foot, 9 pound 2×4 is shot from a cannon with enough force to cover a distance of 50 feet per second. It’s aimed to hit the window end on. To pass the test, the window can crack, even spiderweb, but it must remain intact.

If it does, it goes on for further testing.

Small missile test

The small missile test involves firing steel ball bearings (sometimes gravel of comparable weight and size) simultaneously at the window. If the unit withstands the assault, it goes on for tests likened to the winds and driving rain of a hurricane.

How well the entire unit survives overall determines the rating received.

We keep up with the latest technology to ensure our customers get nothing but the latest and greatest. Currently, we manufacture our windows using two (or more) panes of tempered glass that adhere to either side of a sheet of high-tech polymer. The polymer doesn’t hamper your crystal clear view, but, boy, does it increase the strength of your window!

Why choose Reece?

Michael Reece, Sr. founded Reece Builders / Windows, Inc. back in 1972. It remains a family-owned business to this day. Randy Reece runs things now, but other than staying abreast of the latest technology and installation techniques, he hasn’t changed things much.

The Reece business philosophy focuses on our customers first. From the moment we meet, our main concern is your complete satisfaction. We can offer assistance in choosing your windows, provide a free estimate, and schedule your installation at a time that is convenient for you.

All, of course, with a smile.

At Reece, we want our employees to feel vested in the company. When they realize the important role they play in our success, they are more apt to go the extra mile. That means providing our customers with an excellent product at an affordable price, all the while exhibiting a courteous and professional attitude.

We train all of our staff in-house rather than contracting outsiders like many of our competitors. That assures us that the job is completed meeting our high standards. Not only that, when you reach out by phone or message, you talk directly to us and not a third-party agency.

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Side benefits

Replacement windows don’t just offer added storm protection. Choosing impact resistant glass also provides your family with protection against would-be intruders. Intruders consider windows to be an easy access point. Imagine the look of dismay on their face if instead of breaking glass their attempt at entry is met with a dull thud instead!

Our replacement windows are not only rated for impact resistance. They’ve earned an Energy Star rating as well. The polymer sheet does an excellent job of doubling as an insulator. It keeps the cool air inside and the hot, humid air outside where it belongs! You’ll notice a decrease in your energy bills.

The protection features keep coming!

Not only do our replacement windows keep your family safer, they keep your stuff from being damaged from harmful UV rays. No more faded furniture and carpets! You can let our glorious Florida sunshine inside your home all day long.

Noise reduction classifies at protection for your ears, right? Replacement windows take care of that too. Outside noise is muffled or blocked entirely so no matter how much fun the neighborhood kids are having in the pool or how long the construction crew will be working at the house across the street, you won’t be distracted by it.

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Can I install my own windows?

We wouldn’t advise it. Window installation is dangerous. Our installers are trained to safely complete your project using our techniques. In fact, because we know the installation process will be completed to meet our high standards, we include it in our Lifetime Guarantee. Installing them yourself voids it.

Can I leave the key under the mat?

No. We need to have an adult family member at home during the window replacement process. We’ll need to be inside your home so feel it’s best if you’re there too. In fact, it’s company policy.

Will you be on time?

Yes, indeed. We appreciate your business. The least we can do to show it is to get there on time! Short of unforeseen circumstances, which usually equal the weather, anyway. However, even in that case, we’ll notify you as soon as it’s apparent that it’s not a good day to have your home open to the elements and reschedule at your convenience.

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