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Pompano Beach is just about as close to paradise as you can get, don’t you think? If you’re a homeowner here, congratulations! Living on the coast, it’s wise to increase your home’s hurricane resistance whenever possible—just in case. Have you considered the benefit of installing replacement windows?

Our impact windows provide you and your family with added protection in the event that you find yourself hunkered down at home. Granted, weather forecasters let us know if anything’s headed our direction well in advance, but those storms can change in the blink of an eye! You might have planned to weather a tropical storm only to find yourself directly in a hurricane’s path hours later.

When you lose your windows, the risk that your home sustains catastrophic damage goes way up. In fact, you’re in danger of the force of the wind trying to escape from the inside of your home coupling with the fury of the storm pressing against your roof from the outside.

You could lose your roof entirely!

That’s where we come in

At Reece Builders / Windows we believe in the added protection that impact windows provide during the onslaught of a hurricane. In fact, they’re the only type of windows that we make.

We use tempered glass for our windows. It’s a bit stronger than normal glass, but more importantly, the rapid heating and cooling process it undergoes actually changes the molecular make-up. This causes the glass to break differently. Rather than shattering into flying shards, the glass crumbles into small rounded pellets.

That’s great news say when your son’s baseball comes flying into the living room while your toddler is sleeping in the window seat! However, in the event of a hurricane, even rounded pellets turn into dangerous debris that can cause serious injury.

We’ve got the fix for that.

We sandwich a sheet of high-tech polymer between panes of tempered glass. The polymer absorbs the impact of storm-tossed debris and, furthermore, it holds the glass in place. Your windows may crack, but they aren’t flying apart.

Moreover, we encase our windows in high-quality vinyl frames. We construct our frames using a heat-welding process. This process literally melds the frame sections into one solid piece further strengthening your window unit.

Vinyl frames are virtually maintenance-free. A quick wash now and then literally keeps them looking like new.

Tried and true

To qualify as hurricane resistant, our windows pass a series of rigorous tests that meet the strict FBC (Florida Building Code) requirements. First, the window unit undergoes impact resistant testing.

The large missile test entails firing a 6 foot long 2×4 weighing 9 pounds from a cannon. The force of the blast propels the 2×4 a distance of 50 feet per second. The 2×4 strikes the window end on and if it survives the impact, it goes on to the next test.

Technicians load steel ball bearings into a cannon. They fire them simultaneously at the window unit with a force that hurls them an astonishing 80 feet per second. They strike the window full force and if the unit sustains the impact, it goes on for wind and rain resistant testing.

Other honorable mentions

Impact windows don’t just stand strong against storm-tossed debris. They protect against break-ins! Imagine the confused look on a would-be intruder’s face as their attempt to smash your glass is thwarted. We’re guessing it won’t take long for them to decide to get out of there.

Your replacement windows increase your home’s energy efficiency too. Impact windows block airflow and the transfer of heat and cold. Your comfort level goes up and your energy bill goes down. Nothing better than that!

Another benefit of impact windows is the UV protection they offer. That leaves you free to whip open the window treatments and revel in that beautiful Florida sunshine—without danger of exposing your furniture and carpets to sun fade.

Did you realize that impact windows offer homeowners the added value of noise reduction? The polymer sheet acts as an insulator and either muffles or eliminates the outside noise that filters into your home. We realize that over time, we become desensitized to distractions around us. That said, you may not realize the true value of noise reduction until you experience the difference for yourself.

Lastly, we’ll mention that many insurance providers here in Florida offer homeowners a discount on their policies for increased hurricane protection. Contact your agent if you’re not sure whether or not that statement applies to your insurance company.

Built to last a lifetime

Sure, the statement may sound cliche, but we mean it.

Michael Reece, Sr. founded Reece Builders / Windows back in 1972 with one goal in mind. He would provide his customers with high-quality windows and doors built to last a lifetime. That’s been the game plan for nearly 50 years now.

Randy Reece oversees the business these days. Other than keeping up with the latest technology and installation techniques, he’s stuck with his father’s original business plan.

Reece Windows & Doors are built to last the lifetime of your home. We stand behind that statement by providing a double lifetime guarantee. When the time comes to put your home on the market—no matter how much time passes between now and then—your guarantee transfers to the new homeowner.

Furthermore, we don’t just believe in our product, we believe in our people.

Every Reece employee strives to provide our customers with exceptional service from the moment you meet.  We appreciate the fact that our employees consistently make customer satisfaction their number one goal. Their dedication plays a huge part in our company’s success.

Our customers, of course, play a huge part as well. In fact, we’re proud to say that many new customers let us know that they’re contacting us because they’d heard about us from a friend or relative.

We love hearing that!

Word of mouth advertising is the best type of advertising.

We appreciate the kind word and the fact that thanks to our customers, we’ve become one of the leading window and door manufacturers throughout the state.

If you’re considering replacement windows, we hope you’ll consider Reece.

You’ll be glad you did.

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