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Tucked away on the west shore of Tampa Bay, Safety Harbor offers the appeal of a small town, yet we have a wide variety of activities and special events going on year-round. And, of course, we can never overlook the value of beach life! It’s the perfect environment to raise a family. And, once you’ve purchased a home here, maintaining it becomes a top priority. At some point, window replacement makes the list of things to do.

There are many reasons that homeowners decide to replace their windows. Whether it’s due to age, damage, or added hurricane protection, when you understand the overall value of window replacement, the expense gets much easier to swallow.

In a nutshell

Replacing your windows with Reece impact windows greatly increases your home’s capability to withstand hurricane-force winds. Your windows aren’t going to shatter or blow apart letting the wrath of the storm inside to batter your family and home. The security of that thought alone is the determining factor for many Florida homeowners who consider upgrading to impact windows.

Moreover, when a home loses its windows, the force of the storm from both inside and out can tear the roof right off. We don’t have to go into detail with what the aftermath of that looks like.

Reece replacement windows strengthen your home’s structural integrity.

There are other notable benefits we’d like to share.

  • Break-ins aren’t happening—Intruders aren’t likely to stick around when their attempt to enter through the window is met with resistance immediately.
  • Energy-efficient—Constructed to meet or exceed EnergyStar guidelines, homeowners see up to 30% in savings after installing impact windows.
  • UV protection—Our replacement windows offer excellent protection against the damaging effects of the sun’s ultra-violet rays.
  • Noise reduction—Outside noises are muffled or entirely eliminated the moment your window replacement is complete.

The bigger picture

Reece Builders / Windows, Inc. has been serving the surrounding area for nearly 50 years. Michael Reece, Sr. established the business back in 1972 with the goal of providing his customers with high-quality windows and doors meant to last a lifetime.

Along the way, word got out that Reece employees exhibited exceptional customer service every step of the way. Sure, we encourage our employees to provide great customer service. We realize the value it brings to the company as a whole.

However, you can’t force someone to be courteous and willingly keep a smile on their face.

That comes from employees who are truly satisfied with their jobs. At Reece, we strive to let our entire staff know we appreciate the hard work they do. We want them to realize they aren’t just filling a spot, their contribution is a huge part of our success.

One way that we do that is to train all of our employees in-house so they are capable of performing their tasks expertly and efficiently. Our customer service teams know Reece products inside out. They can answer any questions that you have from guiding your window selection to financing options.

We not only manufacture your new windows, but we also install them. Our installation teams learn the Reece installation method. This ensures that our customers receive new windows that are professionally installed for the long-haul.

Michael Reece, Sr. discovered long ago that employees who realize their value become vested in the company. They strive to always do their best no matter the situation. For example, they willingly seek resolutions to any unforeseen problems, all the while assuring our customers that their complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

The tradition continues

We still build high-quality windows that last a lifetime. Now, though, all of our windows are impact resistant. We sandwich a sheet of high-tech polymer between two sheets of tempered glass which remarkably strengthens the window.

Randy Reece runs the business now, but other than keeping up with the latest technology in the industry, things haven’t changed much.

Our business keeps rolling along just fine.

Our customers realize the gem they’ve discovered in Reece and can’t help but tell their friends and family. The appeal of beautiful, affordable windows with a transferable Lifetime Guarantee topped with exceptional customer service from our initial consultation on is just too much to resist.

We receive a call when they’re ready to discuss window replacement in their homes.

So far, the cycle continues.

We think word of mouth is the absolute best form of advertising that there is! In fact, thanks to our customers, we’ve become one of the leading window and door manufacturers in Safety Harbor, Clearwater, and the surrounding Tampa Bay area.

We’ll be hoping to hear from you, too, when it’s time for your window replacement.


Do Reece Windows & Doors provide me with a discount on my homeowner’s insurance?

We assume you’re asking if our windows qualify you for a discount with your insurance company. The answer to that question is that it’s possible. Many insurance companies do offer discounts for added hurricane protection. Check with your agent to find out for sure.

Does someone need to be at home during the installation?

Yes, please. We need an adult to be present. Our installers need to work both inside and outside your home. We think it’s best if you’re there too.

Do you drug test employees? It’s a crazy world out there…

Yes, as a matter of fact, we drug test and complete employee background checks as well. We agree it’s a crazy world out there. You just can’t be too careful when you have employees that venture into people’s homes.

What do I need to do before you arrive?

It will be a big help if you have cleared the workspace in front of each window where we’ll be working. You don’t have to completely remove furniture from the room, however, pushing it off to the side would be great! Also, please, remove any window treatments, alarm sensors, and wall decor that could be vibrated loose during the process. Having the areas cleared allows our installers to get straight to work.

Thanks for asking!

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By submitting, you authorize Reece Windows to reach out to you with questions about your project, via phone, email, or text. Message/data rates apply. Consent is not a condition of purchase. You may unsubscribe at any time. Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy