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If you’re a homeowner here in Spring Hill, look for good things to come. Our fair city is becoming a more popular draw for young families every year. The city realizes that and is working toward increasing the number of businesses that appeal to them. As a homeowner, you also have to keep an eye out for things that can damage the structural integrity of your home. Things like your roof and even your windows affect it. Did you know that simple bracing in your attic makes your roof three times stronger? Guess what! Window replacement improves structural integrity too.

Spring Hill was founded with the intention of catering to the Snow Birds. That certainly sheds a light on our nightlife situation, doesn’t it? There’s not much going on after dark if you’re a single young adult.

However, no matter where you live today, your home and family are at risk of a break-in. And, intruders often work under the cover of darkness. Replacing your windows with ours lessens the chance of that ever happening.

If Reece Windows & Doors can stand up to the force of a hurricane, an intruder’s not getting past them either.

Built to withstand the storm

After Hurricane Andrew tore through Florida with such catastrophic consequences, Miami-Dade officials realized that it’s building codes were geared more for mass production to accommodate growth rather than focusing on homeowner protection. That’s not the best idea for Floridians. We just never know what the hurricane season is going to bring.

They devised a set of new building codes that have since been adopted statewide. They included using hurricane resistant building materials. Officials challenged window manufacturers to create a window that could qualify.

It wasn’t long before they had a solution.

Reece Builders / Windows wasted no time jumping on the bandwagon. Our windows consistently pass the stringent Florida Building Code tests to prove it.

Homes that don’t lose their windows to a hurricane stand a far better chance of survival. In fact, we believe in their safety value so much that impact windows are all we make.

Reece window replacement

When you choose Reece replacement windows, you’re getting the best!

We manufacture our windows using tempered glass. It doesn’t shatter to pieces like ordinary glass. It crumbles into small round pellets rather than fracturing into shards. That’s great, except small pellets can cause serious injury, too, when striking with wind speeds up to 140 mph or more.

The solution to that problem is to ensure that the window remains intact, even if the glass cracks. To do that, we sandwich a sheet of high-tech polymer between the tempered glass panels. The polymer is virtually indestructible and absorbs the force of impact. Moreover, if the glass breaks, it holds it in place no matter what.

Then, we encase your windows in our beautiful vinyl frames. These frames are the perfect blend of beauty and brawn. Our frames are put together with the heat weld method. This literally melds the frame pieces together making them all one piece.

The polymer and vinyl greatly increase your protection, but they play a part in energy conservation as well.

Energy efficiency

Reducing your energy consumption is good for the planet and your wallet! Reece impact windows do a great job of blocking the transfer of air from both inside and outside your windows. You’re going to feel more comfortable and give your a/c a break to boot!

As a matter of fact, eventually, these windows are going to pay for themselves. You’ll definitely see savings in your monthly utility costs.

Noise reduction

The polymer sheet blocks debris, the transfer of air, and reduces or entirely eliminates outside noise! We become desensitized to sights and sounds over time, so many homeowners don’t realize what a benefit noise reduction is until they aren’t subjected to it any longer.

Our windows provide you with the ability to kick back and relax without neighborhood distraction.


Reece Windows & Doors protect your home’s interior from damaging UV rays. They effectively block ultra-violet light enabling you to revel in the sunshine without fear of subjecting your stuff to sun fade.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Your insurance company may offer a discount on your premium if you install hurricane windows.

Check with your agent to see if you qualify.

Why Reece?

Reece Builders / Windows has been in the window and door business since 1972. Michael Reece, Sr. founded the company with the intent of providing his customers high-quality windows and doors built to last a lifetime. Along the way, he realized the added benefit bestowed on the company simply by letting his employees know how much he appreciated their hard work.

Employees that feel valued strive to go the extra mile all day every day. They understand that our customers are what makes us successful and that our ultimate goal is to see their happiness and pure satisfaction at the job’s end.

Randy Reece runs the company these days, but other than keeping up with the latest technology in the window industry, he hasn’t changed a thing.

Our employees continue to know how much we appreciate the part they play in Reece’s success. Moreover, our customers are met with genuine smiles and treated with courtesy and respect from the moment they contact us.

Seeing you through

Our customer service teams know Reece products inside out. Come in for a free consultation! They can happily answer any questions you have about our windows and even guide you in making your final selection if requested to do so.

Not only that, we realize that window replacement gets costly and it’s not always easy to fit the expense into your budget. Reece offers installment plans to help you with that. We’re sure to figure out something that you’re comfortable with.

After that, all we need to do is get you on the schedule and start building your new windows!

And, we don’t just build your windows to meet your specific needs, we install them too. We train our crews in-house to ensure your new windows are installed to meet our high standards.

After all, a double Lifetime Guarantee isn’t going to do you much good if you receive a less than perfect installation. You’re likely to experience problems down the road. Even worse than possible mechanical issues, the risk that moisture will eventually find it’s way into your home increases. That leads to mold and wood rot. Both of which are expensive to rid yourself of—not good.

We include our workmanship in your double Lifetime Guarantee because we believe our guys are the best. You will too after seeing them in action!

And, someday, when it’s time to put your home on the market, being able to transfer your guarantee to the new homeowner is going to be a very attractive selling point.

If you have window replacement on your list, or if you’re building a brand new home here, in Spring Hill, you can’t go wrong with Reece!

We’ll be hoping to hear from you.

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Lifetime Guarantee Never Pay for Warranty Service
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By submitting, you authorize Reece Windows to reach out to you with questions about your project, via phone, email, or text. Message/data rates apply. Consent is not a condition of purchase. You may unsubscribe at any time. Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy