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There are many reasons you might be looking at window replacement in the Tampa Bay area.

Our climate can be hard on window casings and caulk. The rains pound and moments later the sun’s harsh rays are beating down with blistering force. Are your panes getting a little shaky? Weakened wood frames can rot or let mold set in that will work its way inside your home.

You might stand amazed at the difference installing new windows can make on your energy bill, too. Older windows let the inside air out and the outside air in, you know.

Then, there’s the case of the neighborhood kids and a baseball.

Why choose Reece’s windows?

From manufacturing to installation, we handle the entire process of your window installation or replacement.

A family-owned business since 1972, we’ve spent nearly 50 years perfecting our window design and installation process.

We intend to supply you with well made, beautiful windows that last a lifetime at an affordable price. To top things off, the expertise of our installation team will leave you with the satisfaction of our job well done.

We don’t hire freelance contractors to cover installation. Our in-house installers train specifically to do their job, and they do it well. They are the best at window and door replacement because it is all they do.

From our first consultation through scheduling, installation, and our follow-up about a week after, your satisfaction is our top priority.

Our windows are impact resistant. That’s a top priority here in the Tampa Bay area because when we aren’t in the midst of hurricane season, we’re thinking of ways to prep for it.

Our windows make your home safer. They can withstand the impact of a 2×4 smashing against them at the rate of 50 ft per second!

We achieve that by bonding a sheet of high tech polymer between two pieces of tempered glass. The result is a high impact resistant window that may crack, even shatter, but will not fly apart.

A clear view

There is no doubt that window replacement will enhance the beauty of your home from the inside and out. They can even increase your home’s overall value! Those are two significant benefits in replacing your windows, and there are others.

  • Protection – A stronger window affords protection from hurricane force winds and the debris they contain. They’re an added layer of protection in preventing forced entry. Even the occasional baseball will meet its match with our shatter-resistant technology.
  • Energy efficiency – The insulating factor of our impact resistant layer is a built-in benefit. It earns our windows an energy star rating. They keep the inside air inside and the hot air outside where it belongs.
  • Noise reduction – The polymer sheet is excellent for strengthening impact resistance and providing energy efficient insulation. It’s also a buffer for outside noise blocking entry into your humble abode. Naptime just got better!
  • UV protection – Our windows provide natural protection from the sun. They block nearly 100% of UV rays.

So, are you seeing your way clear to choosing Reece to custom build your windows?


Can I install my new windows myself?

It’s not a project we’d recommend if you don’t have experience at it. It’s essential to install windows correctly. A proper water barrier is part of that package. It’s critical for preventing damage both to your windows and your home. Also, our Lifetime Guarantee includes installing your windows. You don’t want to lose that!

Just sit back and let our experienced installation team get the job done quickly.

How are your windows installed?

For optimal performance, we usually recommend a full-frame replacement. In other words, we would replace the entire area around the window. An insert replacement option is also available, but would depend on the amount of damaged area there is around the old window.

How long will it take to finish the job?

That will vary, of course, depending on the number of windows you are replacing. We provide you with an estimate of how long your job will take when we schedule your installation.

How much will my new windows cost?

Determining the cost depends on the style and the number of windows you are replacing.

We have many options, and all of them are beautiful. All of our products are made with quality materials. We back them up with our Reece Builders lifetime guarantee.

Also, we’d like to take a moment to mention the money saved in lower utility costs.

Will someone have to be home during the installation?

Yes, an adult will need to be present during the installation. Our installers will need to have access inside your home.

Will the area around my new window be affected?

We take great care to install your windows efficiently. We realize you have entrusted us to make improvements to your home. That includes no mess left behind when we leave. In the event there is damage to the surrounding wall, we fix it. No charge.

Are the windows installed from the inside or outside?

We will need access to the inside and outside of your home to ensure proper anchoring and weatherproofing during the installation.

What kind of preparations will I need to make for installation day?

Please, remove any security sensors and window treatments. We appreciate it if you move your furniture to make a clear path to the work area. It’s also a good idea to take down any paintings or wall decorations. Vibrations can cause things to fall off the wall.

Will the window installation process make a mess of my home?

No. Our professional installation crews leave your home as they found it. No mess. No fuss.

Who disposes of the old windows?

We do.

Why should I choose Reece Builders for my new windows?

We’ve been supplying our customers with quality windows and superior customer service for nearly 50 years. We stay on top of the newest technology and installation techniques. Your new windows will meet all available tax credit qualifications with our Energy Star compliant window replacement products.

Ready to learn more?

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