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Living the island life isn’t for everyone, but have they been to Tierra Verde? Well, on second thought, maybe it’s okay if they don’t come. There’s only so much room after all. When you live on an island you understand the importance of maintaining the structural integrity of your home. We’re surrounded by water and, of course, there’s hurricane season. Wondering whether or not a window replacement that adds measurable storm protection for your home and family is a good idea isn’t a tough decision to make.

Impact windows not only decrease the chances of your home suffering catastrophic damage during the onslaught of a hurricane. They offer year-round benefits as well.

Break-in resistance

If impact windows can withstand the impact of storm-tossed debris of the size packed by hurricane-force winds, imagine the look of dismay on an intruder’s face when their entry attempt is met with a resounding thud rather than the sound of shattering glass. Enough said.

Energy efficiency

Window replacement is considered by some to make their homes more energy-efficient. Older homes, especially, are known for windows that provide little resistance to air passing through them from the inside and out. This increases energy consumption dramatically.

Our impact windows are rated by Energy Star and, technically, begin paying for themselves immediately upon installation. Seriously. You’ll see a decrease in your usage and probably increase the life of your aid conditioning!

Noise reduction

We know you love your neighbors, but everybody likes to enjoy a little solitude from time to time. Impact windows provide you with the added benefit of noise reduction. You’ll be able to relax, maybe even sleep in now and then, without outside interference.

UV protection

Have you ever walked into a room and had that “there’s something different, but I can’t quite put my finger on it” moment? Then, you realize seconds later that the sun had done a major fade job on your furniture or carpet.

No more.

Impact windows guard against the damage caused by the sun.

Why Reece Windows & Doors?

Every window we install is impact resistant.

We manufacture our windows using tempered glass and high-tech polymer. The polymer doesn’t hamper your view in any way, but it greatly increases the strength of the window. They may crack, even spiderweb, but they will not fly to pieces.

Our windows are rated for hurricane resistance. To meet the requirements of the FBC (Florida Building Code), windows are put through a series of rigorous tests. The tests for resistance to wind-tossed debris include steel ball bearings, a 6 foot 2×4 weighing 9 pounds, and a cannon.

After surviving the debris tests intact, the window unit moves on to check for wind and rain resistance. The rating received is determined by the overall performance of the entire unit.

Who we are

Reece Builders / Windows, Inc. has been in business for nearly fifty years. Randy Reece took over the business from his father, Michael Reece Sr. who established the business in 1972. Other than keeping up with the latest technology and installation techniques, Randy’s stuck by his father’s original plan of operation.

Reece Builders creates high-quality windows and doors that are built to last our customers a lifetime. In addition, Reece employees commit themselves to quality service. The customer’s complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal from the initial consultation through our follow-up about a week after your window replacement is complete.

We’re sure we’ll find everything is a-ok, still, it doesn’t hurt to check.

Our employees are trained in-house to meet our high quality of service no matter if they work in customer service or on one of the crews. Not only that but at Reece, we strive to show our employees that we realize the value that they bring to the company.

This has a ripple effect because employees that feel a true part of the company work hard. The ripple effect spreads in their treatment of our customers. They, in turn, share the Reece experience with family and friends who, then, consider us when they’re ready for window replacement themselves.

The result is a win-win for all concerned.

If you’re considering window replacement, Reece Windows & Doors are the way to go. They strengthen your home’s resistance providing protection for your family from both storms and intruders. They’re extremely energy efficient, provide UV protection, and reduce noise.

All in all, they add value to your home all day every day because they provide peace of mind at many different levels.


How expensive are Reece Windows & Doors?

Well, it depends on the style you choose and how many windows are being installed. We’ll be happy to help you figure it all out. You’ll be sure to discover a style that appeals to both your eye and your budget.

Will you arrive on time?

Yes, indeed. We value your business. The least we can do is show up when we say we’ll be there. In the event of an unavoidable circumstance, such as the weather, we’ll let you know as soon as we do and reschedule for a time that works for you.

Will someone need to be at home?

Yes, please. We feel it’s best that an adult be present at the home during the installation process. We need to get inside so feel it’s best that you’re there too.

Are Reece Windows & Doors guaranteed?

Yes. We provide a Lifetime Guarantee that covers both our windows and our workmanship.

Will Reece Windows & Doors save me money on my homeowner’s insurance?

Possibly. You should check with your insurance representative to be certain. Many agencies offer discounts for added storm protection. We hope you qualify!

I’m pretty handy in the DIY department, I’ve been thinking of tackling the window replacement job myself…

We’d advise against it for safety’s sake. Window installation is a dangerous job and our crews are professionally trained. Not only that, precision is key in regard to the installation. Improper installation can lead to problems down the road. If we don’t install the windows, we can’t guarantee the work.

That makes sense, right?

Just sit back and envision your new view, we’ll be out of the picture in no time.

Ready to learn more?

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Lifetime Guarantee Never Pay for Warranty Service
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By submitting, you authorize Reece Windows to reach out to you with questions about your project, via phone, email, or text. Message/data rates apply. Consent is not a condition of purchase. You may unsubscribe at any time. Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy