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There’s just nothing like the smell of an ocean breeze. Homeowners in the West Palm Beach area know all too well that living in paradise comes with a cost though. The salt in the air can wreak havoc on our stuff—that includes our homes. Have you done a quick inspection of your place lately? If you have wood windows installed you need to stay on top of it… Or maybe you already know it’s time for window replacement.

If your panes are a little shaky, you’re seeing evidence of wood rot or decay, or you just want to upgrade to improve your energy efficiency and increase your storm protection, we can help.

Reece Windows & Doors frame things up nicely

We don’t just pull out your old window and pop a ready-made unit in its place, we custom build your windows so you know they’re going to be a perfect fit. Furthermore, we not only build your windows, but we also install them!

And, we don’t mean sub-contracting out the labor, we train every installer in-house so we know that your windows go in following our specific installation procedure.

We’ve been a family-owned business since opening in 1972. Michael Reece, Sr. started Reece Builders / Windows Inc. to provide his customers with nothing but the best. To him, that meant both a top-quality product and top quality service. When Randy Reece took over the company, he didn’t change his father’s original business plan one bit.

Reece is committed to providing its customers with high-quality windows and doors that are built to last the lifetime of the home. Customers know they stand behind that statement when they’re offered a double lifetime guarantee.

That’s right.

Our guarantee transfers to the new homeowner when you decide it’s time to sell your home.

Furthermore, our customers can expect to be treated with the utmost respect throughout the installation process. We appreciate them for choosing Reece and we want to make sure that they know it!

Our customer service teams will answer any questions and guide you through what to expect from the moment we meet until the job is complete. Our installation team will leave no doubt they know what they’re doing—and they’ll be courteous and cautious of their surroundings while working inside and outside of your home.

What you get when you choose Reece

Reece Windows & Doors have vinyl frames.

We use a heat welding process that virtually melds the frame pieces together into one solid unit. This eliminates the problem of moisture working its way between the connecting points of the separate pieces. It also increases the energy-efficiency of the unit. And, should we find ourselves battling a hurricane, you’ll find our frames to be as impact resistant as our windows. They aren’t flying apart!

Vinyl frames are resistant to salt corrosion. The vinyl is a sufficient barrier to keep moisture out. Meanwhile, it’s keeping your cool air on the inside where it belongs! Furthermore, our frames are extremely low maintenance. A quick wash is all they require to keep them looking like new.

There’s more!

Our windows are impact resistant which means your family is going to be safer in the event of a hurricane. They meet the FBCs (Florida Building Code) strict regulations put in place after Hurrican Andrew left such destruction behind in 1992.

We manufacture our windows using tempered glass because it breaks differently than ordinary glass. Rather than shattering into pieces, glass shards flying in all directions, tempered glass crumbles into tiny rounded pellets.

Of course, hurricane-force winds make anything that strikes you a damaging weapon, so we adhered a sheet of high-tech polymer to the glass. It absorbs the force of impact. Your glass may crack, but its staying put.

Added benefits

Homeowners don’t always consider the other benefits that impact windows provide them with.

  • Deter break-ins
  • Energy efficient
  • Provide UV protection
  • Noise reduction
  • Savings on homeowners insurance

Do new windows sound appealing?

We’d be happy to answer any questions that you have about window replacement. If you decide we’re the team for the job, we’ll get you on the schedule in short order.

We arrive when we say we’ll be there and professionally install your brand new windows. When the job’s complete, we strive to leave everything just as we found it. Your old windows will be properly disposed of at the landfill.

We’ll follow-up about a week after the job’s finished to make sure that you’re pleased with your new windows and that everything’s working correctly.


Can I get insert replacements to save money?

That option is certainly available, however, we can’t say until we send someone out to see what your job entails. If there’s any damage around the window area, a full-frame replacement might be necessary. We usually recommend full-frame replacements. That way, you’re starting fresh. Windows that last a lifetime deserve a surrounding that’s ready to last a lifetime too.

Can I install my windows myself?

First, we’ll tell you that we wouldn’t recommend it. Window installation is dangerous work and if you’re not experienced at it, you could wind up hurt. Besides, your double lifetime guarantee includes installation. No offense to your level of skill, but if your windows aren’t installed by us we can’t guarantee the workmanship. That voids the guarantee.

Does someone need to be home?

Yes. We need to have an adult that lives in the home present during installation. Our installers need to access your home, we feel it’s best if you’re there too.

How much do Reece Windows & Doors cost?

Window replacement cost varies. It largely depends on the size and style of windows. Of course, how many windows you’re replacing plays a large part too. We’ll discuss all the options with you and you’re sure to find a beautiful choice that keeps you within your budget.

What do we need to do before you arrive?

We appreciate your asking that question! Please, remove any security sensors and window treatments from the windows. It’s also very helpful if you have the furniture pushed to an area of the room that will allow a clear path to the work areas.

See you soon!

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Lifetime Guarantee Never Pay for Warranty Service
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