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Window Replacement

Homeowners replace their windows for various reasons. Of course, signs of obvious damage to the old windows motivate many homeowners to put window replacement at the top of the to-do list. When windows show visible damage, as in cracking caulk or glazing, damaged frames, signs of termites, or rattling panes, the sooner the problem is resolved the better.

Damaged window units allow moisture to begin slowly working its way into the interior of your home. This allows wood rot and mold to take hold, both of which grow more serious over time. If left unattended, extensive damage occurs that is very costly to repair. Moreover, mold exposure negatively affects our health. Furthermore, after an extended period of time, it can become a life-threatening issue.

Builder-grade windows, for instance, save developers and builders thousands of dollars but aren’t the best option for the homeowner. They serve their purpose and are most likely attractive enough. However, builder-grade windows are of low quality and aren’t known for their long-lasting performance. Homeowners consider window replacement an upgrade that’s well worth the investment when choosing to purchase from a well-known manufacturer.

Hurricane protection

Impact windows strengthen your home’s overall structural integrity. When the windows go, the odds of a house sustaining catastrophic damage increase dramatically. Not only are your home and family at the mercy of wind-bourne debris, but the winds continue to rush into your home faster than they can escape. The pressure builds inside. Meanwhile, the force of the storm pushes upward against your roof from outside. When this happens, you’re in danger of losing your roof entirely.

Reece Windows & Doors carry a rating for hurricane resistance.

Energy efficiency

When it comes to energy-efficient homes, saving money on heating and cooling costs gives you the most benefit.

Homeowners report saving as much as 30% after installing impact windows in their homes. It’s easy to understand how impact windows pay for themselves if you’re seeing substantial savings!

Of course, other factors determine whether or not you’ll experience such large savings yourself. However, you’re going to experience savings to some degree!

Reece Windows & Doors meet or exceed EnergyStar requirements.

Both the window and our vinyl frame play a part in energy conservation. They work together to effectively block the transfer of energy from outside in and vice versa. Your a/c isn’t going to have to work as hard to keep your home comfortable no matter how sultry it’s getting outside.


If you’re planning a major remodeling project or building a new home, congratulations!

Windows definitely add aesthetic value to the end result. Because we build your new windows to meet your specifications, the sky’s the limit as far as style and size are concerned.

Overall, this may be the best reason to go window shopping. It’s certainly the most exciting!

Reduction in premiums

Many insurance companies offer Floridian homeowners a discount on their premiums after increasing their storm protection. Our windows fit the bill.

Check with your agent to see if your company offers a discount. If they do, you’ll know the requirements necessary to qualify. If they don’t, you may want to shop around for a new insurance provider that does!

A definite fringe benefit

We’ll mention that while noise reduction and UV protection aren’t usually the primary reasons that homeowners decide to undertake window replacement, they are added benefits. Impact windows effectively block over 90% of the damaging ultra-violet light that causes carpets and furniture to fade.

Impact windows also do a great job at reducing, or completely eliminating, outside noise. We become desensitized to our environment over time so you might not realize the value of this feature until you experience it for yourself! Trust us, you’ll notice the difference.

Reece Windows & Doors

We understand the value that impact windows provide you and your family in the event you find yourself in the direct path of a hurricane. That’s why they’re the only type of window that we make.

And, if they stand up to a hurricane, a would-be intruder’s not likely to get through either. You’ll sleep more soundly at night or leave for extended periods knowing your windows no longer provide the easy access that intruders seek.

The construction that beats destruction

We build Reece Windows & Doors to last a lifetime.

Living in Florida, we know that at some point your home may be directly in the path of a hurricane. Choosing us for your window replacement means that your windows stand at the ready each and every hurricane season.

We use tempered glass instead of ordinary glass for our windows. When put through a rapid heating and cooling process, the molecular make-up of ordinary glass actually changes. It not only strengthens the glass to a degree, but it also changes the way the glass breaks. Rather than shattering into pieces sending shards and tiny bits of glass flying everywhere, it crumbles into thousands of rounded pellets greatly reducing the risk of serious injury.

Unless, of course, hurricane-force winds scoop them up.

We’ve got the fix for that.

Reece Windows & Doors remain intact even if they shatter. The tempered glass adheres to either side of a sheet of high-tech polymer. The polymer absorbs impact and won’t give way no matter what. Short of the house being destroyed, your windows are staying put.

Moreover, we encase your windows in beautiful vinyl frames. We build our frames using a process called heat welding. It actually melds the frame pieces together creating one solid frame. They’re virtually indestructible—no matter how hard the wind blows.

While we’re on the subject, vinyl frames are nearly maintenance-free. A quick wash now and then is all it takes to keep them looking new. They’re also a bit less costly than wood frames.

Consistency is our key to success

To be rated as a hurricane window, the entire unit is subjected to stringent testing as outlined by the FBC (Florida Building Code).

Testing includes:

  • The large missile test entails firing a 9 pound, 6 foot 2×4 directly at the window with enough force to cover a distance of 50 feet per second.
  • If the window unit remains intact, the small missile test is next. Steel ball bearings or gravel of like size and weight hit the window simultaneously with hurricane-like force.
  • Testing the window unit for resistance to hurricane-force winds and rain completes the process.

Reece impact windows consistently pass the tests.

Quality construction makes sure they function

At Reece, we want to make sure that you get what you paid for—windows that last a lifetime. It’s hard to be absolutely certain of that unless we know how the units go in.

Unlike many of our competitors who hire outside contractors for your window installation, we put our own installers on the job. We train every installer in-house to assure your window installation is completed meeting our high standards.

We put the focus on you

Reece Builders / Windows is a second-generation family-owned business. We’ve been providing homeowners in Tampa and the surrounding area with affordable, high-quality custom-made windows and doors for nearly 50 years.

We appreciate our customers and strive to provide them with the best of the best from start to finish.

That includes exemplary customer service, by the way.

The consultation

As soon as you meet your customer service agent, you’ll be treated with the courtesy and respect you deserve. We’re thrilled that you chose to consider Reece and want you to know it!

We’ll answer any questions you have about the process and will happily guide you in making your selection if requested. If you’re having trouble fitting the expense into your budget, we’ve got financing options for you to consider. We’re sure to find something that works for you.


We don’t squeeze your window replacement or new install in willy nilly. We work with you to find a day that accommodates your schedule. We’ll need to have an adult family member on-site during the installation process and realize you may need to make arrangements.

We’ll gladly arrange for that ourselves.

We appreciate your business and want to make sure the experience doesn’t interfere with your schedule.

When the day arrives, we’ll be there when we said we’d be and get right to work.

The installation

Our installers are trained to keep safety for all in mind as they work together. Consequently, they always have each others’ backs. Your crew will complete your window replacement professionally and in a timely manner. All the while, their upbeat attitudes will shine through every smile you witness on their faces.


Our follow-up team will check in with you about a week or so after completing your job. That way, you’ve had time to make sure everything looks alright and works as expected.

We’re sure you won’t have any complaints but feel it’s just good policy to check back in. We’re guaranteed to satisfy, after all.

When we say a lifetime, we mean it

We expect our windows and doors to last a lifetime. And, we don’t mean your lifetime. We mean the lifetime of your home. We stand behind our expectations by providing our customers with a double Lifetime Guarantee.

That’s right.

When it comes time to sell your home someday, your Reece guarantee transfers to the new homeowner. That’s likely to be a very attractive selling point, don’t you think?

There’s really no secret to our success

We know where it comes from!

It’s due to a combination of our employees’ hard work and our customers’ kind words.

We realize that if it weren’t for our employees, we wouldn’t have a business. We make sure they realize their importance to the company by showing them how much we value their hard work.

The result never changes.

Our employees vest themselves in Reece Builders / Windows. That means they strive to excel in all they do. A lot of what we do has to do with you. We all understand that if we have no customers, we have no job.

That makes your complete satisfaction our entire focus.

Sharing the wealth

After being treated to such exceptional customer service and receiving truly high-quality windows at an affordable price, our customers are likely to share the experience with friends and family.

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising as far as we’re concerned.

The people that hear about us from someone they know are likely to choose Reece for their window and door needs in the future.

Homeowners that chose Reece Builders are better protected from hurricanes and potential break-ins. They’re saving money on energy costs and possibly their homeowners’ insurance. They experienced an increased level of comfort inside their homes. UV rays no longer pose a danger to furniture, carpets, and decor.  Moreover, they experience the added value of outside noise reduction.

We continue to make sure our employees realize their worth and they continue working hard not to let our customers down.

It’s all working out just fine.

If you’re considering window replacement, consider Reece. You won’t regret it.


Do you offer free estimates at Reece?

Yes, of course! We’ll be glad to discuss your plans and answer any questions you have about Reece Windows & Doors or our window replacement process.

I love a good DIY project. Can I grab a couple of buddies and install my new windows myself?

We wouldn’t recommend that. Window replacement can be dangerous, especially when you consider you’ll be working from a ladder. Windows can be awkward to handle under that circumstance.

It’s best to let our crew professionally install your windows. They’re trained from the start to always put safety first. Besides, our workmanship is included in your double Lifetime Guarantee. You don’t want to void that!

You just sit back and imagine how awesome everything is going to look when we finish the job!

How long does the installation process take?

That depends on a number of things, such as the number of windows you’re replacing, the style of the window makes a difference as well, and if your home has multiple stories, the job is more complicated. We’ll take everything into consideration and let you know what to expect.

Are replacement windows pre-made?

Not Reece Windows & Doors! Actually, no one should premanufacture replacement windows. They should fit perfectly into the opening to provide maximum energy efficiency. Custom designing them is the only way to truly accomplish that.

If you come across someone promoting ready-made replacement windows, we’d advise you to keep going. Your windows should look like they were made for that exact spot—because they were!

Will my new windows withstand a Cat 5 hurricane?

Impact windows, also known as hurricane windows, are rated to withstand wind speeds up to 140 mph. A Category 5 hurricane can have winds in excess of 157 mph. Frankly, there’s not much that’s going to withstand that kind of force. Not without divine intervention anyway…

However, we design your windows to keep your home and family as safe as possible. We test them to prove it!

What’s the difference between the U-Value and the R-Value?

The U-Values represent the amount of heat that escapes through the window. The lower the U-Value, the greater the energy efficiency. The R-Value, on the other hand, is the opposite. R-Values measure an object’s resistance to heat flow. The R-Value is affected by the number of layers of glass, what’s between the layers, and whether or not any of the layers of glazing were treated with a Low E coating.

So, what’s Low E stand for then?

“Low E” means low emissivity. Emissivity is unique to products that allow light to pass through them freely. Low E coatings are made of microscopic layers of silver placed between layers of anti-reflective metal oxide coatings. When they’re added to windows, Low E coatings filter out part of the light spectrum that transmits heat.

Are Reece Windows & Doors really affordable? They’re custom made!

When you consider all the benefits Reece Windows & Doors provide you, it makes them very affordable. You’re home and family are more protected from storms and the risk of suffering a break-in is not as high. You’re reducing your energy costs, and may even see a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. UV protection provides you with added value and the fact that Reece Windows & Doors eliminate or reduce outside noise is something to consider as well.

We strive to provide our customers with the best of the best while keeping the cost as low as possible. And, remember, we provide you with a double Lifetime Guarantee.

What should we do before you arrive?

We appreciate your willingness to help out with your window replacement! If would be great if you could clear a path to each work area in the home. Push all the furniture out from in front of the window, remove window treatments and alarm sensors, and take down any wall decor in danger of falling from wall vibrations.

Thanks for asking and we’ll be seeing you soon!

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