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Hurricane Windows

Jan 05, 2021

Living in Florida, especially on the coast, means that you risk putting yourself in the direct path of a hurricane. There is no doubt about the added security you gain when you install hurricane windows in your home.

Not that you would ever intend to put your family in jeopardy. We’re sure if called to evacuate, you’re out of there. However, hurricanes are unpredictable. If you planned to ride out the storm and things suddenly become more dangerous, how protected is your family?

Losing your windows will fracture the strength of your home’s structural integrity.

You don’t even want to think about the possible outcome if your windows shatter. It leaves your family at the mercy of the storm. Flying shards of glass and wind-borne debris would fly throughout your home. It’s enough to make you shudder, isn’t it?

We know because we did too.

And, as if that weren’t enough, the winds race upward looking for a way to escape. They push into every nook and cranny forcing their way to freedom. In the meantime, pressure builds as the winds continue to pour into your home through every broken window. The force of the storm beating on your home outside coupled with the same inside could tear your roof from the walls of your home.

If that happens, expect catastrophic damage.

Installing hurricane windows in your home will strengthen its ability to withstand the impact of a hurricane.

In addition to FBC regulations, other county building codes may apply. For instance, in Pinellas County, if a homeowner replaces more than 25% of their windows at one time, they must be hurricane resistant windows.

We can help if you have any questions regarding the rules and regulations of it all.

There’s more than surviving the storm

While hurricane windows greatly increase the odds of your home surviving a hurricane, thankfully, they aren’t a common occurrence. We can count on the sultry Florida weather sticking around for extended periods though, can’t we? On sunny days, the sun bears down relentlessly on everything left unattended. And, what about the fact that life gets noisy?

Hurricane windows positively impact all of the above.

In short, Reece hurricane windows offer year-round benefits that can’t be denied.

The green scene

Energy conservation is a big deal.

We all have a responsibility to do our part and reduce the amount of energy that we consume. For many of us, a large chunk of our energy use ties directly to the utility bill. And a huge part of our energy loss links directly to our windows.

Installing energy-efficient windows can reduce your utility costs by as much as 30%. That’s right! Your a/c actually shuts off and won’t kick back on again a short time later.

Our windows block the transfer of hot and cold air. They meet or exceed all EnergyStar requirements. It’ll be easier for you to maintain your optimum comfort level without paying dearly for it.

Noisy neighbors?

Maybe your neighbors don’t constantly do life loudly, however, even the steady drone of a lawnmower can be annoying now and then. Especially, if it starts bright and early on your one day to sleep in a bit.

The insulting factor of our hurricane windows pulls double duty. They offer the added benefit of outside noise reduction. You may not even realize it if the neighborhood kids are enjoying a rowdy day in the pool or a crew of rowdy roofers pulled in across the street.

Better than cheap sunglasses

We aren’t called the Sunshine State just because, are we? Sure, it’s great to live in such a tropical environment. However, it sure does a number on anything left exposed to its glare.

That includes fabrics and other things within the interior of our home. No one looks forward to the sun’s penchant to fade things. In fact, many homeowners rarely open their drapes during the day for fear of it.

Homeowners sometimes choose to tint their windows.  UV resistant films allow you to see out while blocking the interior of your home from exposure to those damaging UV rays. Moreover, they increase your home’s energy efficiency to a degree.

However, if not properly applied, unsightly bubbling can occur. It usually happens around latches and window frames where it’s difficult to apply smoothly. In addition, films can begin to peel over time voiding the protective feature.

Reece Windows & Doors have built-in UV protection. The insulting factor blocks the transfer of energy and is extremely effective at blocking those damaging ultra-violet rays.

Less likely to intrude

No one wants to return home to discover their house has been ransacked. Or, worse yet, experience the terror of someone breaking into your home in the middle of the night!

Intruders consider windows to be a home’s easiest point of entry. Smashing the glass allows them to gain entrance in a second. As a matter of fact, they may bank on slow response time by police and even risk setting off the alarm sensor on the inside of the window.

Let them take a swing at one of our hurricane windows!

They’ll set off the alarm, all right! But, the adrenaline rush will be caused by a panic attack rather than the thrill that accompanies the sound of breaking glass. It will send them packing in a heartbeat—or if they’re stupid enough to keep trying, maybe they’ll be caught red-handed when the police come screaming down the driveway because our windows aren’t giving in.

Insurance of savings

You can see that installing Reece Builders’ hurricane windows offer you a variety of ways to save. Keeping money in your pocket while better providing for your family is never a bad thing!

Technically, the insulating factor alone allows your windows to pay for themselves over time. You will see a difference in your utility costs. And, we don’t even have to mention the value of the peace of mind afforded in added hurricane protection.

You’ll never again worry about needing to replace carpets or furniture due to fading. Not to mention you’ll be creating a more serene home environment by eliminating the distraction of outside noise.

But, wait!

There’s more…

Installing Reece hurricane windows might save you money on your homeowner’s insurance premium. Many insurance companies offer premium discounts to homeowners when they increase hurricane protection.

Contact your agent to see if you qualify. You can discuss their specific requirements so you’ll know what type of windows to purchase. Also, it will give you a chance to consider looking for a new provider if they don’t offer you a better rate.

Special order

Hurricane windows are relatively new to the window industry. The devastation caused by Hurricane Andrew in August 1992 was an eye-opener. Sixty-five lives were lost and 600,000 homes and businesses were destroyed or severely damaged.

It was then that Miami-Dade officials addressed the fact that Florida Building Codes (FBC) were bent more towards overall growth rather than homeowner safety. They worked to devise new building codes that required hurricane resistant building materials.

During the process, they called upon the window industry to develop an impact resistant window. If windows could survive the impact of debris thrust upon them during a hurricane, homeowners would be far less likely to lose their homes.

It wasn’t long before a solution was discovered and manufacturers got to work. Windows that survived the onslaught of a hurricane without flying apart soon revolutionized the industry.

Reece jumped right on that bandwagon! In fact, we believe so much in the value of the protection they provide, we only make impact resistant windows.

Tempered glass

The first consideration was how to prevent shards of glass from flying through the air at 100+ miles an hour. If someone is in the home at the time, they are at great risk of suffering serious, even life-threatening, injury immediately.

Tempered glass offered the solution. It’s created using a controlled thermal process. The heating and cooling restructure the make-up of the glass increasing its strength. It also changes the way the glass breaks.

Rather than shattering into shards and tiny pieces, the glass crumbles into rounded pellets. Tempered glass is much less likely to cause injury.

Until it’s flying through the air at 100+ miles an hour that is…

High-tech polymer

We’ve got the fix for that.

We sandwich a sheet of high-tech polymer between panels of tempered glass. The glass adheres to the polymer which means when struck by wind-bourne debris, it may crack, even spiderweb, but it’s staying put.

We make sure of that.

Testing and more testing

To be rated as hurricane resistant, our windows undergo a set of rigorous tests created to meet the FBC’s stringent standards.

Large missile test

The large missile test is all business. It involves firing a 6 foot long 2×4 weighing 9 pounds directly at the window with a force to propel it an astonishing 50 feet per second! When our window survives the test, it goes on to the next.

Small missile test

Everything that isn’t nailed down is potential ammunition for a hurricane bent on destruction. Gravel and even the fruit from your trees become projectiles that shatter an ordinary window with the first onslaught.

The small missile test requires using 30 steel ball bearings or gravel of like size and weight.

They’re fired at the window simultaneously with a force that hurtles them toward the window covering the distance of 80 feet per second! They slam into our window at full force. When the glass stays intact, our windows go on to the last phase of testing.

The elements of the storm

The wind itself is a force to reckon with so hurricane windows have to hold together and not blow out. Tests likened to the sustained high winds of a hurricane come next followed by testing the window’s water resistance.

Our frames

To be rated as hurricane resistant, our entire window unit must remain intact, right down to the glazing.

We encase our windows in vinyl frames. They are less expensive than wood frames and extremely energy efficient. This puts them in a class far above aluminum window frames that offer the least amount of insulation. Both heat and cold easily transfer through them.

In addition, our vinyl frames are heat welded. That means rather than four sides of the frame fitting together with screws or other fasteners, the seams are heat welded creating a solid piece of vinyl. Your windows are held securely in place no matter how hard the wind blows.

Vinyl frames are easy to clean, so they’ll always look like new. Other than a quick wash and checking the caulk or glazing periodically for wear and tear, there is no maintenance involved.

Why choose Reece?

We’re a family-owned business that’s been focused on providing high-quality windows and doors since 1972. We understand the importance of providing our customers with the added protection that hurricane windows afford.

We have families too.

Hurricane windows greatly reduce the chance that your family will be injured should you need to hunker down at home and weather a hurricane. Ultimately, that makes our job very worthwhile.

We expect our windows to protect your family for a lifetime. We offer a double Lifetime Guarantee to prove it. And, we include our workmanship in that guarantee.

Your Reece team

Rather than hiring outside contractors to install your new windows, Reece sends our own crew. All of our installers are trained in-house so your windows are installed to meet our high standards. And, of course, we focus on safety. Moreover, lifetime windows aren’t going to do you any good if a shoddy installation job allows moisture to enter your home. It opens you up to the possibility of mold, mildew, and wood rot taking hold.

We believe if everyone’s working together on the same page from the start, the end result is as near to perfection as you can get.

We’re good with that.

Our customers are too.

From the moment of contact, we treat you courteously and respectfully. Our customer service teams know our products inside and out. They can competently answer any questions that you have. Moreover, they’ll happily assist you in making your window selection if asked.

Setting you up

If you need assistance with financing, we’ve got that covered as well. We’ll be happy to work with you to find a solution that works for all of us. Then, we just need to get you on the schedule!

We set a date that’s convenient for you and arrive when we say we will. In the event of an unforeseen circumstance, as in the weather, that prevents us from working, you’ll know about it as soon as we do!

Your windows will be installed efficiently and professionally. We’ll also mention that we pride ourselves on our staff’s exceptional customer service. It comes naturally to them.


Service and a smile

Reece Builders realizes the value that our employees add to our business. They are a huge part of our success. We appreciate them and make sure they know it. That fact has had a ripple effect that benefits our customers tenfold.

Valued employees vest themselves in the company meaning they strive to excel. That shows in the way they represent Reece. Our employees meet our customers with sincere smiles every day. They understand that our ultimate goal is to see a look of complete satisfaction cross their faces at the job’s end.

We’ve discovered over the last 50 years that truly satisfied customers can’t help but share the good news with family in friends. In turn, they’re likely to use Reece for their future window and door needs.

We’ve no doubt that word of mouth is the best form of advertising a company can experience.

Thanks to our customers, we’ve become one of the leading window and door companies in Tampa and the surrounding area.

Get in touch when you’re ready to have your hurricane windows installed. You’ll be glad you did.


Did I just read that correctly? Reece offers a transferable Lifetime Guarantee?

Yes, you did. We mean it when we say our windows should last a lifetime. Not yours, but the lifetime of your home. When the day comes and your home is put on the market, the transferable Lifetime Guarantee is a very attractive selling feature.

Are Reece hurricane windows overly expensive?

Homeowners consider window replacement to be one of the more expensive home maintenance projects. However, we have many styles to choose from so you’re sure to find something to fit your budget.

Moreover, when you consider the immeasurable value of increased hurricane protection, the energy-efficiency, and add in the possibility of saving on your homeowner insurance, they are a very worthy investment.

Will an adult need to be there?

Yes, please, that is going to be necessary. Our installers need access to the inside of your home to complete the installation process. We think it’s best that you be there too. We won’t enter the home if there is not an adult present at the time. We’re sure you understand why we believe that’s a good idea.

Does Reece screen their employees?

Yes, we do. We conduct drug testing and a complete employee background check. Our employees have access to your home. We want to ensure they represent themselves honestly when applying for a position with our company. It’s the right thing to do.

What do I need to do before you arrive?

If you can remove everything from the work areas that allows our installers to get right to work. Push all the furniture to the side and remove any window treatments, alarm sensors, and wall decor that might jostle free due to wall vibrations.

Thanks for asking!

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