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Impact Windows

Jan 05, 2021

You love the fact that your yard is large enough that it’s been deemed “the green.” You can pretty well account for everyone’s child’s whereabouts all day every day this summer. You’ve got Solo cups galore stashed along the hedgerow and scattered about the yard to prove it. However, if you’ve said it once, you’ve said it a hundred times, “Don’t hit the ball toward the house.” So, imagine your horror as you head toward the window seat to hand your toddler her sippy cup just as a golf ball slams into the large bay window. You’ve never been more thankful for your impact windows.

Now, keep in mind that impact windows aren’t shatterproof. The force of the ball could well cause the window to crack. However, the glass isn’t going to shatter and fall. Your child would be safe from the dangerous shards that would fly in every direction from an ordinary window.

Shelter from the storm

Most homeowners purchase impact windows to enable their home to better withstand a hurricane. Installing impact replacement windows will fortify the structural integrity of your home. If your windows go, the risk of your home sustaining catastrophic damage increases dramatically.

We manufacture your impact windows to your specifications and professionally install them. They offer your family added protection during hurricane season from the moment they go in. Moreover, golf balls, baseballs, or even oranges from your tree can’t make it through the window sending glass flying in all directions.

Environmentally friendly

Our windows are energy efficient and meet or exceed EnergyStar ratings. They are an excellent source of insulation and block the cool air from escaping your home. They work in reverse from the outside resulting in a more comfortable living environment.

Conserving energy is important in its own right, but when energy conservation pertains to your utility bill, you’re going to see savings! In fact, homeowners pay up to 30% less on utility costs after installing impact windows.

The hustle and bustle of life

Sometimes it’s nice to close the door behind you at the end of a long day and breath a sigh of relief as you melt into the peaceful environment around you. If the neighbor’s son wasn’t revving his motor every 5 seconds as he tinkered with his car that is…

Reece impact windows afford you the luxury of peace and quiet. Our windows reduce or completely eliminate outside noise. Rather than losing your cool and possibly throwing a wrench in the works of a long-term relationship, you can regroup at the end of a tough day without outside aggravation.

Let the sunshine in

Whether you live in Tampa or the surrounding area, the sun shines down, doesn’t it? Anything that isn’t protected from its glaring ultra-violet rays is going to suffer sun fade. That’s especially disheartening when you realize it after the fact, say while gazing across the living room at your now 2-tone carpet.

Reece impact windows provide you with protection from damaging UV rays. An abundance of light filters through. It’s just not ultra-violet light.

Never again will you feel the need to draw the drapes tight against Florida’s brightest asset.

Braced against break-ins

The threat of someone breaking into your home is real. You probably know that from an intruder’s perspective windows present easy access. Smash the glass, get in, get out—ba-da-bing—ba-da-boom.

Done deal.

That’s not the case when met with the resistance of our impact windows. We hope the attempt to smash the glass ends with whiplash when instead of following through with fluid motion, the intruder’s abruptly stopped short because your new window doesn’t give.

Remember, even if the glass cracks, it’s staying put. Intruders aren’t getting through.

Even more value

Many insurance companies that service Floridians offer homeowners premium discounts when they add hurricane protection. Check with your agent to see if they offer discounts. If so, discuss the requirements necessary to receive the premium discount.

Our windows are sure to qualify you for it.

The construction that beats destruction

We wholeheartedly believe in the safety value that impact windows provide your family. In fact, it’s the only type of windows that we make. Whether a hurricane is barreling towards your home or something gets thrown by a lawnmower, things happen and glass breaks.

Ordinary windows shatter to pieces sending shards of glass flying putting anyone in the surrounding area in immediate danger of serious injury.

Impact windows don’t.

Tempered glass

Rather than shattering into dangerous, even life-threatening, shards, tempered glass kind of crumbles into rounded pellets. That’s because ordinary glass is put through a rapid heating and cooling process that actually changes its make-up. In addition to the glass breaking differently, tempered glass is somewhat stronger than ordinary glass.

High-tech polymer

While it’s great that tempered glass crumbles and rolls around lessening the chance of injury, the secret weapon that holds our windows in place is the high-tech polymer we adhere in between the panes of glass.

The polymer sheeting takes the impact and stops the culprit in its tracks without giving way. Moreover, it lends toward our windows energy-efficiency to a large degree. It also creates an excellent sound barrier and blocks UV ray penetration.

This product is pretty amazing.

Vinyl frames

We encase your new windows in beautiful vinyl frames.

Rather than attaching the frame together using screws or other fasteners, heat welding melds the sides of the frame together. This essentially gives us one solid piece of vinyl that frames your entire window.

No matter how hard the wind’s blowing or what kind of a beating your window frame takes, it is not coming apart.

Vinyl frames are the newcomer to the industry. They didn’t become popular in the United States until the mid-80s. Since that time, technology has made them more and more desirable.

They’re just as energy efficient as wood frames and are less costly too. Their energy efficiency far outweighs that of aluminum frames due to the fact that heat and cold transfer through aluminum quickly.

If you’re looking at the maintenance factor, vinyl requires no maintenance other than a quick wash which leaves your frames looking as good as new. Wood and aluminum siding require routine maintenance to resist salt corrosion and moisture issues.

Testing, 1,2,3…

Impact windows are tested to back-up their claim to resist impact whether it’s caused by humans or storm-tossed debris. The FBC (Florida Building Code) established a series of stringent tests that ensure the entire window unit’s resistance properties are as proclaimed.

The large missile test

Window units are subjected to the large missile test first. A 6 foot long 2×4 weighing nine pounds is fired directly at the window glass with enough force to fly approximately 50 feet per second. The 2×4 smashes into the window end on. The glass may crack, even shatter, but the window must stay intact to pass the test.

The small missile test

This test calls for 30 steel ball bearings, or sometimes gravel of like size and weight, to be simultaneously shot directly at the window from a cannon. The force hurls them across the room causing the balls to fly across an astonishing 80 feet per second. Again, the window must survive the assault intact to move on in the testing process.

Tests for wind and rain

Lastly, the window unit is tested to see how it performs during the sustained high winds and driving rain that fuel a hurricane.

Reece Windows & Doors continuously stand strong.

We do windows

Reece Builders / Windows manufactures affordable, high-quality windows and doors that are impact resistant.

We understand the importance of the added protection they provide you and your family during severe storms. You really can’t put a price tag on that kind of thing, can you?

Moreover, our windows decrease the risk of break-ins, provide you with excellent UV protection, and are energy efficient to boot! Technically, they begin to pay for themselves from the moment we complete the install.

We provide our customers with a double Lifetime Guarantee so that in the event that you should ever decide to sell your home, your guarantee transfers to the new homeowner. That’s a very attractive selling feature on the market today.

Furthermore, our guarantee includes workmanship.

It’s an inside job

In addition to building your new windows specifically for you, we install them!

Unlike many of our competitors that hire outside contractors to handle the installation, Reece trains all of our installers in-house. That way we’re certain that your beautiful new windows are installed in your home to meet our high expectations. When your windows are guaranteed to last a lifetime, the installation process needs to measure up!

We focus on the importance of safety throughout the training process, both individual and as a group. That way, we’re certain that our crews always have each others’ backs. Furthermore, you’re ensured of a worry-free experience while your old windows are replaced.

We want you focused on the end result.

Our staff know their stuff

Reece customer service representatives know our products inside and out. They happily answer any questions you may have about our windows. They’re also willing to assist you in making your final decision if requested.

If you’re having a problem fitting the full cost of the job in your budget, we have financing options available. Our team helps you figure something out. Then, all that’s left to do is to get your job on the calendar. Your convenience is the top priority when scheduling the installation date.

Complete customer satisfaction

Reece Builders / Windows has been in business since 1972. Michael Reece, Sr. founded the company with the intention of providing his customers with new windows and doors built to last a lifetime. His son, Randy, operates the business these days and other than keeping up with the newest technology in the industry, he’s following closely in his father’s footsteps.

The original business plan is tried and true by now.

And, our employees play a big role in our success.

We realize the value that our employees bring to the company and don’t hesitate to make them aware of how much we appreciate them. When someone feels valued for their hard work, they truly feel that their contribution makes a difference.

It does!

Our employees place a sense of ownership in that fact and become vested in the company. They continuously strive to excel at what they do. Ultimately, that’s to provide you with complete satisfaction.

You can be expected to be treated to exceptional customer service throughout the entire process. That’s the case with every Reece employee that you come into contact with.


Every smile you see—and there are a lot of them— is sincere.

After the fact

We’ll check back in with you about a week or so after installing your new windows to make sure everything is as expected. We want to ensure you are as satisfied as you were when we completed the job.

And, if things are par for the course, odds are you won’t be able to keep the Reece experience to yourself. Satisfied customers want to share the gem they’ve discovered with friends and family making it very likely that they’ll remember us when it’s time for new windows of their own.

And, the Reece cycle of satisfied customers continues.

We have no doubt that the word of mouth advertising is a large part of our companies success. In fact, Reece Builders / Windows is one of the leading window and door companies in Tampa and the surrounding area.

Thank you.

If you’re thinking about window replacement, think Reece! We have no doubt that you’ll never regret it.

Reece builds windows to meet the stringent FBC building codes to provide you with ultimate protection during a hurricane. They’re extremely energy-efficient, and can save you money on your homeowner’s insurance.

They are a worthy investment no matter how you break it down.


Can I replace my windows myself?

Actually, we don’t recommend it. Window replacement requires precision and if you not experienced, it’s easy to make a mistake. Windows that are incorrectly installed pose problems down the road. They may cease to function correctly. Moreover, moisture is likely to find its way into the interior structure of your home. This sets you up for wood rot, mold, and mildew, all of which get costly to remove.

In addition, it’s a dangerous job.

We specifically train our installers to keep safety at the forefront of the process every step of the way. That includes up and down ladders, by the way. Statistics show that upwards of 90% of all ladder injuries happen outside the work area. And, the majority of those involve carrying something up or down the ladder.

Rather than risk the chance of injury or improper installation, sit back and let us get ‘er done. Our installers are professionals. Window removal and installation are all they do. In fact, we include our workmanship in your guarantee. You don’t want to void that!

How much will my new windows cost?

Of course, the answer to that question depends on several factors. Mainly, the style of windows you choose and the size that you require us to build. Other things come into play though. Is your house multiple stories? Will the windows be uniform or are you choosing multiple styles?

Come in for a consultation. We’ll make sure you have an accurate estimate of the final expense.

When installation day arrives, are you going to keep me hanging hours past the scheduled arrival time?

Absolutely not. We realize your time is valuable and we greatly appreciate you choosing Reece for your new windows, the least we can do is show up on time.

Moreover, if we can’t make it when we say we’ll be there—if it happens, it’s usually due to the weather—you’ll know it as soon as we do.

Will I need to be there myself or is it okay for my neighbor to run over and let you in?

We require an adult that lives in the home on-site during the installation process. That way someone is available to help us resolve any unforeseen issues that may arise. Also, our installers need access to the inside of your home. We just feel it’s best for you to be there too.

What do we need to do before you get there?

We appreciate your willingness to assist! If you could clear the work areas of furniture, that will be a tremendous help! Don’t worry about getting it entirely out of the room. Just push it over to the side allowing us a clear path to the window. Also, please, remove any window treatments and alarm sensors. Lastly, it’s a good idea to remove any wall decor that might shake free due to wall vibrations.

Thanks so much for asking! We’ll see you soon!

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