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7 Reasons Tampa Homeowners Love Impact Windows

Jan 20, 2020

Let’s cut to the chase right from the start—Tampa homeowners love impact windows because they keep our families safer during a hurricane. Granted, most of us hit the road if it looks like a dangerous situation is at hand. Better safe than sorry is a good rule of thumb! If you’ve had experience with hurricanes, you know that things can change in an instant.

If things get ugly in a hurry and you’re forced to weather the storm at home, impact windows can save the day.

When you hunker down at home

Impact windows stand up to hurricane-force winds and resist shattering when hit with storm-tossed debris. Having them in place greatly reduces the risk of injury that your family faces if you lose your windows.

Furthermore, once a hurricane blows through the windows, it’s more likely than not that your home will suffer catastrophic damage. When high winds enter a home, they immediately try and find a way to escape. Rushing upward to the attic, they force their way through every tiny crack discovered.

Meanwhile, the wind continues to blow in and push upward. The pressure in your home continues to build while the storm continues to lift against the roof from the outside.

Your roof might separate from your home entirely.

We all know that it’s not a fact of whether or not a major hurricane will impact Florida. It’s a matter of when. That alone leaves little room to wonder why storm protection tops the list and causes many Floridian homeowners to make the change.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has done multiple studies about the impact that climate change—aka global warming—is having on hurricanes. Current research shows that hurricanes are forecast to continue to increase in severity.

Another safety feature

While resisting attempts of forced entry doesn’t top the list of reasons that Tampa homeowners purchase impact windows, it’s the number one selling point in the United Kingdom!

Imagine a potential intruder’s shock when their attempt to break-in through the window gets interrupted mid-swing with a resounding thud!

Now imagine the look on their face…

That’s a funny picture.

You have to show these windows some love for that!

A valuable asset

Impact windows increase the value of your home—some say you can recoup up to 73% of your installation costs when you put your home on the market!


*We’re looking for the “love” button.*

You’ll pay less for insurance

It’s a known fact that Floridians pay the highest insurance premiums in the entire nation. In fact, according to, a comparison website, we pay nearly triple the average norm.

I know, right?

Many insurance companies offer discounts for added storm protection and for added security features, too. Moreover, impact windows may qualify you for both.

Thanks, insurance companies. We love you for that!

You’ll save money right off the bat

You’ll love to begin seeing more money in your pocket from day one for sure! New windows make your home more energy-efficient. Your comfort level increases even though your a/c is running less. Not only will you save money on your energy bills, but you might increase the life of your cooling system!

Sun fade damage is a thing of the past

Okay, so we might not love impact windows so much that we’ll go out and purchase them just so we don’t have to keep the window treatments closed tight on sunny days. However, UV rays are notorious for causing our furniture and carpets to fade over time.

Impact windows block over 90% of UV light—

Think of them as clear sunglasses for your house!

Noisy neighbors?

It’s probably not high on the love list of reasons that Tampa homeowners purchase impact windows. And—seriously—we hope you love your neighbors!

But, still—who takes time to thoroughly scope out the neighborhood when you’re shopping for a house? The outside noise level that we’ve committed ourselves too doesn’t really sink in until after the fact.


Regardless of whether it’s the neighbors, their dog, street noise, or construction, impact windows put a damper on outside noise.

What makes impact windows so amazing?

Manufacturers construct impact windows using tempered glass because it breaks differently than ordinary glass. Instead, it crumbles into small rounded pellets. No more will you have to worry about a broken window sending glass shards and splinters flying in all directions.

Hurricanes may not happen on a regular basis, but life does! And, we all know that life with an active family is the stuff broken windows are made of!


Moreover, the tempered glass adheres to a sheet of high-tech polymer inserted between the panes. The polymer sheet absorbs the impact—whether it’s baseballs, burglars, or storm-tossed debris—holding the glass in place even if it shatters.

They have to prove their hurricane resistance by successfully completing a series of tests.

The names of the first two speak volumes…

  • Large missile test—A 6 foot, 9 pound 2×4 is hurled with hurricane force at the window and hits end on.
  • Small missile test—Steel ball bearings are shot at the window simultaneously with enough force to cover 80 feet per second!
  • Wind and water resistance—If the unit survives impact testing intact, it’s subjected to tests likened to the winds and rains experienced during a hurricane.

No matter the reason

If you’ve decided to replace your windows with impact windows, you’re making the right choice no matter what the deciding factor was!

  • These windows better protect your family from storms and potential intruders.
  • They increase the value of your home.
  • You’ll probably pay less for insurance.
  • Impact windows are extremely energy-efficient so you’re sure to experience a higher degree of comfort while saving money on your energy bills.
  • They block UV rays.
  • You’ll relax in comfort oblivious to what’s going on outside.

We’ll close with a final perk.

You’re going to love the new look!

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