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Window Replacement Trends for Rental Properties

Jan 22, 2020

Are you looking for rental property replacement windows?

The trends in window replacement are always changing. There are many reasons for this, including:

  •  The shift of aesthetic preferences
  • New technologies for window production
  • Higher energy-efficiency standards
  • Trends in architecture and interior design

The mix of these and other factors create an ever-changing landscape of window replacement strategies. In this article, you’ll learn about the latest developments in the window replacement sector. We hope that reading this piece will give you new ideas on how to replace the windows in your rental property.

vinyl windows

Vinyl (PVC) windows

The popularity of vinyl windows is on the rise. Most vinyl windows look beautiful and provide a high-quality solution for rental properties. The variety of colors and styles available is stunning.

But the love for vinyl windows rests not only on its looks. “PVC offers superior durability and there aren’t great maintenance demands. This is a perfect choice for many landlords,” says Matt Fonk of Cavalier Estates, LLC.

Dark windows

Windows featuring dark materials have made a significant comeback. Dark windows create a new focal point in the room while functioning well both in modern and classic homes.

Usually, you shouldn’t have any concerns about clashing colors. The type of hues used in dark windows tends to harmonize with a wide variety of colors. Just make sure to use design visualization apps or other methods before committing to a dark window style.

aluminum windows

Avoid aluminum windows

Old aluminum windows fail in energy-efficiency tests. Many landlords replace aluminum single-paned windows with their modern and sustainable counterparts. The reason for this is simple. Aluminum conducts heat and cold. Couple this with single glazing and you get a very uneconomical window design.

Another issue with aluminum windows is condensation. The aluminum frames are notorious for easily creating condensation in the area. This is a serious risk factor for mold growth.

Picture windows

More and more living rooms are equipped with picture windows. While these windows fail to provide ventilation, they are great at maximizing sunlight in your rental property. Your tenants will love the brightness brought to the living spaces by picture windows.

If you are struggling with low-light conditions in your rental unit, installing picture windows is an excellent option. However, note that this is not one of the most affordable windows replacement choices on the market.

eco-friendly solutions

Eco-friendly solutions

The last years have seen a great spike in the orders of eco-friendly window systems. There are many ways to define eco-friendly windows, so it’s best to understand this as an umbrella term.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the more sustainable solutions for your replacement windows:

Low-E glass type

Many high-quality eco windows are Low-E glass types. The added layer of metallic alloys shields your rental property from harmful UV rays. Any paintings, furniture, and other objects close to the windows fade less quickly. Also, the windows limit the amount of light entering the room. Your renters will enjoy a more restful sleep.


Without a doubt, the most eco-friendly window systems in the market are the triple-glazed windows. Compared to double glazed windows, this type of system allows even less energy transfer between the indoor and outdoor spaces.


Opt for fiberglass framing because it’s extremely durable. You won’t have to deal with sudden bends or warps. Fiberglass is considered to be eco-friendly because you can repaint it many times and replacement is rare.

nail-on framed windows

Nail-on framed windows

The nail-on framed window systems work great when you want to completely remove a window. Also, it’s a good option if you are building an entirely new rental property.

You’ll experience the easiest installation process when the studs are exposed. This way, you can attach the windows directly on to the frame. This type of window boasts a superb against leaks.

In a nutshell: 

Window replacement trends always shift as new technologies, consumer habits, and eco-standards emerge. Here are some of the top trends you could follow in 2020:

  • Opt for picture windows in living rooms to maximize sunlight.
  • Pick eco-friendly solutions, such as triple-glazed windows and fiberglass framing.
  • Settle for durability and replace your current windows with vinyl.
  • Replace old aluminum single-paned windows with their modern counterparts.
  • Get dark windows for a modern and sophisticated look in your rental unit.
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