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Window Tinting—Weighing the Pros and Cons

Oct 09, 2019

Some of us just can’t resist opening the window treatments and letting that glorious Florida sunshine in. Protecting our home from the sun’s damaging ultra-violet rays is a big deal. It’s a pretty disheartening moment when you realize that fleeting “something’s different…” thought while walking past the living room can obviously be attributed to the slow fade of your furniture or carpet. Window tinting is a possible option for consideration to reduce the risk of sun fade. It will slow it down anyway.

Of course, there are pros and cons to window tinting. Knowing what they are will guide you in making the decision whether or not window tinting is the right choice for you.

On a positive note

Residential window tinting is often an afterthought for homeowners. It’s great for extending the life of furniture, wall décor, and carpets. It also makes your windows more energy efficient.

Beating the heat

Energy conservation is important and we should all do our part to reduce our carbon footprint when possible. However, when it’s linked directly to energy costs, reducing your usage means keeping money in your pocket.

That’s always a good thing, yeah?

Windows are notorious for allowing energy loss. This is especially true if you live in an older home. Window tinting reduces the transfer of energy that escapes your home. Your a/c can catch a break because the inside environment stays cooler longer. And, of course, the heat’s blocked from entering your home from the outside as well. You’ll feel more comfortable sitting near a window on those bright sunny days.

Overall, you’re going to see a level of savings each month on your utility costs. The amount of savings varies depending on the type of tinting you purchase and your windows, of course.

Crystal clear

Window tinting technology has come along way since it’s humble beginning. No more must homeowners settle for obvious heat reflection with windows covered in reflective materials that create a mirror effect. Older versions obviously cast a shadow over the room causing some to regret the decision to cover their windows.

Those options are still available and are considered cost-effective. However, great strides in the industry now provide homeowners with the option of clear window tinting. They provide a clear view from every window with no visible sun reflecting material inside or out.

Safety feature

Window tinting is applied by covering the window with a film that adheres to the window. The film adds an element of shatter protection as well as making your windows more energy efficient. It makes them less likely to break to piece upon impact. The film holds the glass together better and lessens the risk of shards and tiny pieces of glass flying everywhere.

However, we’ll mention that you need to specify that you are looking for security film specifically for storm protection if you hope the tinting material doubles as hurricane protection. Even then, considering hurricane windows may be a better option. A Florida window tinting company even states on its website that you should board up your windows or install hurricane shutters if anything above a Category 2 is on the horizon. Impact windows can sustain winds up to 140 mph.

A cheaper combo

If you’re having trouble getting replacement windows into your budget, considering ordinary windows and having them tinted is an option. Window tinting does a great job of reducing your energy costs if you choose a good product and it’s installed correctly.

The downside

There are two sides to every story and while window tinting does have its benefits, there are negatives to consider as well.

Cooling off

While window tinting does increase your home’s energy efficiency to a degree, how much is the question. You need to ask it. Some installers only work with a specific type or brand of product. Discovering the NFRC rating is one way to ensure that you are getting the most energy-efficient product.

Our replacement windows are impact resistant and make your home more energy-efficient. In fact, homeowners report seeing up to 30% in savings when they replace their windows with impact windows.

Hard to see your way clear

Especially if you’re considering whether to replace your old windows or just add window tinting and keep what you have, there are some hard facts to consider.

Window tinting adds a layer of hurricane protection if you install security film, however, impact windows protect your home better. They withstand wind speeds up to 140 mph. In addition, our vinyl frame design doesn’t come apart no matter how hard the wind blows. They’re heat welded which makes them one solid piece.

Tinting your windows is a very effective way to prevent sun fade. On the other hand, putting the cost of the job toward new windows instead provides you with UV protection as well as added benefits. Noise reduction, for instance. Did you know that impact windows muffle or eliminate outside noise? They do!

If you don’t want to be able to see any reflective material or shading through your glass, make sure your installer is aware of that fact. You should be aware that if they work with a product that is clear, it may be on the high-end cost-wise. Putting the cost toward new windows instead ensures that you’ll be seeing things clearly when you gaze outside.

Moreover, if you opt for doing the job yourself rather than hiring professionals, you may find yourself peering through windows distorted by air bubbles. That stuff can be tricky to apply just right.

Safety first

Our impact resistant sheet of high-tech polymer makes our windows hold up against debris slammed into them during a hurricane. It also greatly reduces the chance of a break-in, offers you excellent UV resistance, provides noise reduction, and plays a large part in making your home more energy-efficient.

No need for the combo

Rather than purchasing inexpensive windows and window tinting, consider purchasing Reece Windows & Doors. They aren’t just a “layer of protection that may withstand hurricane force winds.”

We test them to make certain they do the job.

We’re so sure of the fact that we provide our customers with a double Lifetime Guarantee.

So when you’re weighing the decision of whether or not to tint your windows, be sure and throw Reece into the mix. Odds are we’re going to be a clear choice…

In more ways than one.

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