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11 Boo—tiful Halloween Windows

Oct 01, 2019

Fall doesn’t necessarily show up in the form of crisp, cool air around here, but we look forward to Halloween nonetheless! Do you go all out with the decorations as in giant spiders crawling all over the house? Or, perhaps, there are zombies escaping their graves in the yard. You’ve seen the garage door monster, right? Everyone that loves Halloween agrees that going all out is awesome! However, a lot of us scale things down a bit and focus on Halloween windows.

There are many ways to impact the little trick-or-treaters that come knocking at your door.

We’d like to share a few ideas with you.

Read on if you dare!

Heavy on the Boo!

Halloween night is meant to be the spookiest night of the year. Something about it commands us to acknowledge that. We won’t expound on the origin of Halloween, but if you’re decorating in that vein, we’ve got some spooktacular ideas you might want to try.

Halloween windows silhouettes

Spooky silhouettes

Your image runs the gamut of your imagination when you decorate with silhouettes! The lights in your home illuminate the background making them pop to life. Haunted houses complete with circling bats, black cats arched in an angry hiss, or any monster you care to release are all easily achieved.

Use a white sheet, grab some cheap sheer white curtains, or measure a large sheet of paper to the size of your window. You can use either paper or cardboard that you’ve spray painted black to create your silhouettes. Once the image is complete, merely attach it to your window and cover the window behind it with your “screen.” Or you could even have your own scary images printed on screen material!

Planning a ghostly gathering? Simply reverse the silhouette and the backdrop colors.

Your windows are sure to be a Halloween highlight.

Halloween windows bloody hands


Bloody handprints

Use red Tempra paint and have the family work together to cover your windows with handprints. Letting the paint drip and run is a plus! Complete the effect by scrawling a drippy, message for all to see.

Don’t forget to write the letters backward if you’re working from the inside!

A little lighting below the window on the inside will be eerily sufficient to set the mood.

Halloween windows crows

Nevermore, nevermore

To be honest, we mistook these crows for ravens at first, but we think they’ll make a fine substitute. If you’re going for a simple, yet eerie, theme, download these crows on a sheet of static-cling window decal sheets. Perch them at the edge of window panes or perch them in a gnarled old tree for a more dramatic effect.

Halloween windows spiders

Speaking of spiders

String spiderwebs across the windows and place gigantic spiders in the corner to lay in wait for prey. It’s a wickedly easy way to send shivers down little spines as they approach on All Hallows’ Eve.

Halloween windows creepy drapes

Drawing the drapes…

Never got any creepier! Simply layer sheer drapes with black cheesecloth and an ominous floating figure or two for hauntingly horrific Halloween windows.


Halloween windows scary child

Speaking of horrifying

If you’re looking to give children a little Halloween fright, perch a ghastly figure in the window. Complete the illusion with some shredded sheer curtains behind it and red lighting shining down on the character from overhead.

Halloween windows boarded up

Boarded up

Looking to create a haunted house effect? Or, maybe you just want extra zombie protection on this All Hallows Eve! Make boards from foam strips and faux-paint them. Attach them to the outside of your windows. You can easily create “broken” window panes using a roll of frosted glass window film cut into shards. Run a strip of them around the window’s edge. String spider webs in the windows behind and voila!

Trick-or-treaters might think twice about walking up to your door.

Halloween windows hansel and gretel house

Sweet treats

The Hansel and Gretel theme could be a scream. Decorate your windows with cardboard gingerbread cookie borders or other scrumptious ideas. You can go so far as to carry the theme to the porch and walkway. After you’ve lured the little children with your tastefully decorated Halloween windows, let the wicked old witch greet them at the door.

Hopefully, you’ll have time to drop a treat in their goody bags before they flee into the night.

Halloween windows sheer terror

Sheer terror

If you’re looking for ready-made horror, Halloween themed sheers are just a search away. There’s a wide variety of choices and you’re sure to see something that makes your eyes light up like a jack-o-lantern.

Halloween windows jack-o-lanterns

Jack-o-lanterns rule the night

Halloween isn’t complete without the twinkling light of a jack-o-lantern lighting the way in the dark. The traditional grin is a welcome Halloween sight by all who come across it.

Moreover, if you purchase carving tools and invest a little time, you can create any image under the moon. There are free patterns to be found all over the web.


Fall festival

You don’t have to be about the dark side to enjoy a festive Halloween night. Decorate your Halloween windows with a traditional fall theme using window clings or other materials of your choice. Imagine colorful autumn leaves drifting down your window accumulating in the sill. Twinkle lights add a beautiful effect. You can incorporate jack-o-lanterns, scarecrows,  Indian corn, or even squirrels gathering nuts for the coming winter into the design.

Terrifying or tame

Halloween is a much anticipated holiday for children and adults alike.

Costumes for the upcoming night are planned months in advance. Group theme costumes are popular with families and co-workers across the nation. And, of course, there’s all that candy!

No matter how you choose to decorate your home for Halloween, it’s a good idea to have enough lighting so that no one’s in danger of tripping or falling. Flashlights are a great idea for trick-or-treaters to carry, but not everyone has one available.

And, of course, it’s going to be a just in case measure, but go through any Halloween candy your children bring home before anyone eats it. We know that’s easier said than done, by the way!

Toss out any open or unwrapped candy and, unless you personally knew the person, any homemade goodies should hit the trash too.

We hope you have a Happy Halloween wherever you are.


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